Thursday, May 9, 2024

A Delightful Challenge

 Kathy at Catching Happiness has created a Daily Delight challenge for the month of May.  She and I have been blogging buddies for years.  Always look forward to reading her posts.  If you have not stopped by to visit just click on the above link to check out her blog.  I am excited to participate.  Hope perhaps some of you will join in. 

May brings so many delights.  I will try not to bore you as there are more than enough to fill this month's calendar.

The yellow daylilies in this photo certainly are ones that must be noted.


 Billowing sheets in the breeze is another favorite.

The colorful Baltimore Oriole who is here visiting.

Oh and of course the return of the hummers.  They never fail to bring a smile.

The last, I promise,

Kelsey who turn two this month.

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my daily delights.

Please take time to tell me a few of yours.



..."I, was filled with delight day after day, rejoicing always in his presence, rejoicing in his whole world and delighting in mankind."  Proverbs 8:30   (NIV)


  1. We could put out our clothesline and use it this past week. Love the clothes dried on the line!

  2. A handful of delightful delights! I'm so glad you're joining in. I so love the smell of sheets dried on the line, but here in Florida, it's almost always too humid (or rainy) to do it.
    Happy birthday to Kelsey--what a beautiful dog she is.

  3. Do the oranges attract birds?

  4. Lovely delights! Happy birthday to Kelsey!

  5. Happy Birthday to Kelsey! And I never get tired of your photos!!

  6. I'm glad you have so many delights in May, Debbie. May is such a wonderful month. Those Orioles are so pretty. I didn't know you washed and hung your bed sheets on the line. You don't see that that often any more. The hummers are my favorite too! And I love that first picture. Happy Birthday Kelsey! I will check out your friend's blog right now. Have a peaceful weekend, Debbie.


  7. Beautiful Oriole, we do not have those around here.

  8. Lovely photos, the birds are a real treat to me. I had never heard of the oriole before. Its very pretty. But how can Kelsey be TWO! I remember the first photo you posted and it doesn't feel like two years. You could have knocked me down with a hummingbird feather 😄 best wishes for a happy week.

  9. Dear Debbie, I admire that you're so good at taking photos and writing!! Furthermore, you've been living on such a beautiful place. Enjoy your life fully with the family and people!! Love and smile, Sadami

  10. So glad to see your photos and hear of your challenge - joy comes to us in the little things around us, really…we just have to look. Thanks for sharing and hope your spring and summer are wonderful! Rhonda Carpenter

  11. I see that I am a follower - boy - some how I am confused.
    Anyway - the Baltimore Oriolo is just fabulous. Beautiful.
    Flowers are pretty too - love yellow.
    I have no place to put sheets out - but I'd love to.

  12. Aren't sheets dried on the line the best! We live 50 miles from Baltimore and I've never seen a Baltimore Oriole in my yard!


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