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Take a "look" and see what summer has brought to our "neck of the woods".  Orange day lilies everywhere... a fragrant beauty... black raspberries,  that will be certain to find their way into a pie or two... cabbages and beans growing well in the summer heat... and last but not least a peaceful countryside. Thank you for taking time to "look". Hope everyone has a blessed week. Hugs Debbie "A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones." Prov. 15:30 (NIV)
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Special Occasion - Vacation - Other Happenings

Yesterday hubby and I celebrated a special occasion.  It was our 45th wedding anniversary.  Amazing how quickly time flies when one is having fun.  For sure those 45 years have passed far too quickly. It also marked the beginning of vacation for a few days. So looking forward to a rest and a bit of relaxation.  It is a rare June that we don't take some time off to putter around the place, ride the bike, eat out and do some day trips.   Hoping this week will be no exception.  Happy to see the orange day lilies beginning to bloom... the delicate pink poppies... and hollyhocks. Our neighbor was finally able to get the field cut and ready to bale.   We have had so much rain that it has been a challenge for our farmers to make hay.  Generally by this time they have had the first cutting and looking at a second by the end of the month...not this year.  Been receiving some delightful snail mail from a dear friend Kathy over at "Hummingbird Studio at the Lake."  She makes wonderf

Sowing Seeds

Early in April I was busy sowing seeds.  Now we are enjoying fresh lettuce and looking forward to harvesting sugar snap peas in the coming week. Gardening has taught me so much.  Patience for one,  the importance of good soil, and that in the end hard work has its rewards. Like many of you hobbies enrich life.  Tending a garden is certainly one that makes my days more delightful. Whether it is a veggie patch or growing flowers there is a joy that comes in seeing something one has planted grow and thrive. So it is with all areas of creativity...painting, writing, baking, making something with your hands, sewing, music, etc.  The list is endless. Not every creative endeavor leads to what we consider successful.  For every plant I have grown well, there have been a huge number that did not flourish. Early on it came to me if I was striving for perfection whether in the garden, art, baking, etc. disappointment would steal the enjoyment of doing.  Yes, one is always happy when something tur


A wonderful virtue is contentment.  It can be found in the abundance of gifts that arrive here in June. Peonies that grace the garden... a robin seeking sustenance... Fields of green... the promise of cherries soon... and always those special visitors.   All of these and so much more fills one's soul with contentment. Wishing each of you the same. Hugs! Debbie P.S. Thank you for best wishes to the bride and groom.  The day started out wet and chilly but by the time they left the chapel the sun was shining :)! "I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation..." Phil.4:12b   

May Happenings

 Here are just a few of May happenings. Yes Mrs. Hummer has returned.  She and her friends are keeping me quite busy with  the making of sweet nectar. That sliver of orange is a our Baltimore Oriole.  He likes to visit not only his feeder but the Hummers as well. The bunny cart got filled this weekend with some favorite annuals.  She had been looking kind of lonely but now she has some company. Snap Dragons and violas don't mind if a night turns chilly.  In fact they seem to prefer cooler weather. Skies at dusk this time of the year are delightful.  I never tire of "looking up". Speaking of looking up, one could not miss this full moon.    Well these are just a few of May happenings at Harmony Hills. I will be stopping by to visit each of you and find out what might be happening in your part of the world. Hugs Debbie P.S. Will not be here next week because we will be involved in a special event...our nephew is getting married.   God willing - will return in two weeks.   

Memories of Mom

 I have so many wonderful memories of Mom.  Today with it being Mother's Day I pulled out one of her journals and read a few pages.  It was dated July 1995.  She mentioned that she and I had gone shopping and ate lunch at a quaint place "River Biscuit Inn".  I had forgotten about this restaurant until I read Mom's words.   For just a brief moment we were once again together laughing and enjoying the lovely food and atmosphere.  It was like a special visit with her as sweet memories of that day transported me to another time and place.    Fortunately Mom and I had so many of those type of days.  Grocery shopping together, visiting local gardens and nurseries, library stops and just enjoying a cup of coffee and looking at old recipes made ordinary times extraordinary. Often after spending a day together She would say to me "it was the best day" and I would say "it certainly was".  Then she would say "I just don't want it to end."  I'

May Flowers

Those April Showers did bring May flowers.  Even though a great part of the month was cold and blustery we still had hope that it would warm up and become spring like.  It appears warmer days are here.  Sweet Violets always mark the arrival of spring. (Will be gathering some for pressing and making jelly.)  The pink azaleas seemed to open over night.  Always so glad to see them bloom. Today I am putting out the grape jelly for the Baltimore Orioles and sugar water for the hummers.  Would not be surprised they will be here this week.  Don't want them to be disappointed when they stop for their seasonal visit. Have peas and lettuce planted...hoping to see them popping up soon. Spotted Mrs. Squirrel on a branch.  Hmm - wonder if she is glad May has arrived. I know I am.   How about you?  Maybe you will share what your plans are for this coming month.  Would love to know. Well take care dear friends and have a delightful week. Hugs Debbie "...I will send rain on the land."  1