Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Cozy Chat

Pull up a comfy chair, grab something hot to drink and lets have a cozy chat about this and that!

I am enjoying Paul Newman's delicious sweet cinnamon spice tea.  No caffeine and no sugar...a perfect drink for a bed time beverage.  My brother gave me a box to sample.  Glad he did.  It is now a favorite of mine.

Hubby caught this lovely pink sky the other morning.  There is something special about sunrise this time of the year.  As the days shorten seeing the day's first light makes one want to savor those sweet early moments.

That butternut squash I shared in a previous post ended up in a moist quick bread. What a good treat and healthy too!😉 

Zinnias and blue forget- me- not flowers continue to bloom into the first days of November.  Ah it is hard to believe there is only two months of 2022 remaining.  

Little Kelsey did very well with her first lesson.  She is already beginning to show better behavior.

 Well friends thank you so much for taking time to stop and chat.  Hope everyone has a cozy start to November.



"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV)


  1. Good evening, I have not see that tea before will look for it. gorgeous sunrise-I love it, and I love your deck and views too- Glad Kelsey had a good day at school-hugs from the lake warmer weather is still here loving hugs from the lake Kathy

  2. Good evening, Debbie. I am not a tea drinker but that really sounds good. Maybe I shall give that one a try.
    Your butternut squash bread sounds delicious.
    Good job Kelsey!
    Your flowers are really lovely.

  3. Awww, lovely photo of Kelsey shows she's losing her puppy look. Melts the heart. Beautiful view from your deck.

  4. Glad Kelsey is doing better. 😊

  5. It is always a pleasure to pop over for a visit - neighbour across the ocean ;o) I have never heard of squash bread but I will have to find a recipe as that sounds lovely. Best wishes, I hope we will meet up for a stroll along the beach sometime soon.

  6. Glad to hear that Kelsey's first lesson went well...and now you can sit down and chat with us. Riding around I still see a lot of flowers in bloom, but our trees are probably at their peak of color. The weather has been beautiful...about 65 degrees today so I headed over to the ocean, took a walk to the lighthouse, and then sat in my beach chair and read. It was nice to still feel the warmth of the sun and be able to sit outside without wearing a jacket. Enjoy the rest of your week. The weather should be may need to get out on that

  7. Your cinnamon spice tea sounds really nice. I'll have to check the store for some. I love spice tea that doesn't have caffeine. It's easier to sleep. Fall is still showing up in your area. Our Fall here is just starting to arrive, so no bare trees yet. What a pretty pink sky this is.

    I hope you have sweet November days, Debbie. Can't believe the holidays are right around the corner. I loved your "cozy chat" post.


  8. Oh I really want to try the cinnomin spice tea. I came home today craving a cup of something soothing and hot. (got another steroid injection in my back) I'm going to add that to my grocery list. Little Kelsy looks very big and beautiful to me. Bet she is a sweetie pie. Like you, I love a beautiful sunrise. I'm a morning person anyway.

  9. And, I want to try the tea too. If it's Paul Newman's it has to be good! Right? This little chat format is quite delightful I think; maybe something we should do more often. It's good that your sweet Kelsey is doing well in her lessons.. You certainly captured a beautiful fall picture of her. I think I must have more than a hundred pictures of my Millie.

  10. Love your photos and Kelsey. The tea sounds great. I use Paul’s salad dressing. I’ll check the tea as well. It sounds good. I’m not a tea drinker either but once in a while with the milk on the bottom. :-)

  11. I love sunrises and sunsets at this time of year. Glad to hear Kelsey is behaving better 😊

  12. A post full of simple pleasures! I haven't heard of that tea, it sounds delicious.

  13. Hi Debbie,
    I am so sorry it took me so long to come by and thank you for your sweet comment on Malificent, I had family visiting this past week.
    I hope your week is blessed with good health and joy.

  14. I haven't seen that tea either-I will look for it . I bet it smells wonderful.


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