Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Golden Glow

October's golden glow is beginning to fade.  The rain and wind has brought down so many leaves.  

Already the woodland floor is covered.   This happening occurs every year.  Sometimes it is slow and gentle.  Today though it was fast and furious.  They fell all at once.

The cosmos don't seem to mind the weather.  In fact they appear to be enjoying their breezy dance.

It looks like these two decided to stick their tongues out at the blustery day. (Or maybe it was that silly woman behind the camera). Between showers they were able to get in a romp or two.  (As you can see Kelsey is out on parole.  Her behavior is showing signs of improvement.  She starts puppy school Saturday.  There may be a possibility in the near future she will be set free.  Only time will tell)😉!

Well I will leave you for now.  Hope each and everyone of you are enjoying October's final glow.



"His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of rushing waters."  Rev. 1:15 (NIV)



  1. Good afternoon, I love October-when we lived in the woods-we would watch it "rain" leaves sooo cool. How young is your puppy? I forgot sorry. they can be allot of work to train but so worth it in the end hugs

  2. Hello Debbie,
    Schindler and Kelsey look like they are enjoying their walk in the woods. how funny they are both sticking out their tongues.
    I love your watercolor!
    I miss growing cosmos. I can't seem to get them to grow here.
    Take care, you are in my thoughts.

  3. Oh my, your Autumn is starting to fade, while ours is just starting here. Your dogs look like they have so much fun roaming together. They are such cute ones. It looks like they have a lot of area to run around and just be dogs. I always appreciate the verses you share at the end of your post, Debbie. They are so special.


  4. Thanks for the color and fun photos. Love your sketch. Cosmos are a good memory for me.

  5. Love your cosmos flowers painting! We have a strange autumn this year: we're having summer temperatures today.

  6. Your October looks similar to ours and yet the temperatures make it short sleeved weather still. That puppy is growing fast and I am sure Schindler sets the best example. Best wishes for a creative and happy week. I hope puppy school is fun.

  7. Our golden glow is at it peak and I love every minute of it. Your painting is just beautiful.If I were an artist, painting flowers would be my favorite. Your dogs are so pretty.

  8. I still haven't gotten used to you posting on Wednesday. lol We are having a mix of rain one day and then sunny and mild another day. We have some color here and there. Today was a beautiful day...except for the wind. I was trying to sketch and my hair was blowing everywhere. It made it difficult to see anything. I'm glad to hear that Kelsey is starting school. I hope she has her school supplies ready. lol They look ready for a romp across the field. Enjoy the rest of the week, my friend!

  9. The dogs look great. Your landscapes are splendid views of lat foliage.

  10. Puppies can sure be a handful! Between you, Schindler, and puppy school, I know she'll learn how to behave. I enjoy your autumn walks almost as much as you do.

  11. Dear Debbie,
    How sweet of you to come visit my posts, and leave such kind words.
    Wishing you a beautiful week.

  12. Oh that Pup! So cute! I love the wooly bear faze-they are so cuddly and adorable. Your painting is beautiful!


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