Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Last Hurrah!

 Autumn has given us her last hurrah.  It was a lovely one too.

This photo was taken at the end of October.  Now that treeline is bare.

The first few days of November have been gorgeous and warm.  This trend is not to last.  By Friday we will see cooler temps and rain coming our way.  Also there are whispers Saturday and Sunday might bring a winter mix.

Early this morning I grabbed my camera and caught the full moon.  It was even more magnificent last evening.  Unfortunately didn't get a chance to take a photo.

Butternut squash is a perfect fall dish.  I baked this at 425 degrees for approx. 1 hour.  That makes the shell so soft and one can cut it in half easily.

 Then scoop out the seeds...

Add some butter, salt and pepper, or sprinkle a little bit of brown sugar and cinnamon and you have a delicious dish.

It makes a great substitute for recipes that call for pumpkin such as pie, bread or muffins.  I can never tell the difference.

Well sweet friends I hope all of you are enjoying autumn's last hurrah!  Have a wonderful end to your week.

Hugs  Debbie

"You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit - fruit that will last."  John 15:16a (NIV)


  1. We seem to have had a last hurrah here too! We had warm weather for several days that had me visiting the beach and actually sitting there in the sunshine. I loved that! Then the temperature dropped about 30 degrees. I'm sure our trees will be bare soon. That is something I never enjoy seeing. I hope the storm that is hitting Florida lessens as it comes up the coast. Have a great week, my friend.

  2. we were in the 80's today-wow haha high 70's tomorrow before it crashes to the 20s over the weekend-our leaves are all down too. no snow in the forecast-not ready for that yet. smiles
    I bake my squash that way too-I think the seeds roasting emit some flavors too enjoy the rest of your week hugs

  3. Your butternut squash looks delicious. I am wondering if it tastes similar to Yams or sweet potatoes? Will have to look for that at the grocery store. Such a lovely Fall picture you have shared today. We are in full Fall season here, and still have all the leaves on the trees, and they are turning their pretty colors now. Have a good November week, Debbie, and try to stay warm during the cold season. Glad you're getting rain. We had lots of rain also, and more is supposed to come. : )


  4. The next trip to the market that is what I will pick up.. Your butternut squash looks so good! We had rain yesterday, and the most beautiful rainbow I have seen in years. It was so big! I too, noticed the full moon but did not get a photo. I am happy you were able to get one. The color of the trees are just beautiful, Debbie.
    Take care and stay warm

  5. Happy Squash! It looks delicious.
    Beautiful photos of the trees and Moon.
    Stay warm when the cold arrives. A wintery mix is ok if there's no ice to deal with.

  6. The photos are wonderful. No color here still in the 80s. Your squash reminds me when we were in Bolivia they had huge sweet carrots and I cooked them and used for pumpkins and zucchini for pies and breads. :-)

  7. I don't know how I ever missed doing squash like that! I always cut the long end into slices and fry them. But it's so good as regular squash too! Thank you for your friendship dear one. It means so much to me...

  8. That is one big squash! I roasted one last Monday and then put it in the blender with eggs, cream and sugar and made my first pumpkin pie of the year. Then I had to call a girl friend over to help me eat it :) I can't be trusted in the house with a pie all to myself, LOL.

  9. Apparently, Florida's fall last hurrah was another hurricane! I'm grateful it didn't affect us tooooo much, but we're still cleaning up after Ian. Rumor has it we might get some cooler weather next week, and all I can say is bring it on!

  10. It seems that yesterday was the day autumn exited with her final hurrah. But, it surely was wonderful while it lasted. I also bake sweet potatoes just as you did the squash. We will have them on Thanksgiving.

  11. Hi Debbie, l love butternut squash and going to try this way soon. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Beautiful pictures and the squash looks delicious! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Hugs from Las Vegas!

  13. Thank you for this tip about roasting the pumpkin squash. It usually takes me a good hour to try and get the skin off. Autumn's last hurrah was lovely. Have a nice week dear Debbie.

  14. Gorgeous autumn colors! Yes, it's getting colder here as well. Rain is forecast. That squash looks delicious! Wishing you happy painting in the kitchen! Stay warm, Debbie! Hugs!


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