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Thoughts from the Hedgerow

The hedgerow is a good place to gather one's thoughts. Life can be similar in appearance. There may be much to entangle. Thorny brambles reach out and cling...they cause pain... so does stinging nettle. It is in the act of "looking up" that one becomes free.                                                                                   Free to see spots of joy in the midst of briers... beauty to replace the sting... and abundance to cover the hurt! Sweet friends do we not all have a "hedgerow"? I know I do. May we all find the path that sets us free. "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."  John 8:36 (NIV) Hugs from the Hedgerow Debbie


From the hedgerow September beckons.  It displays such lovely colors.  Shades of auburn...                                          Peachy oranges                  Soft lavenders       and dark grapes.  Isn't it amazing how September's hedgerow gently calls us into autumn's colorful show? We hope you enjoyed your time here.   Please come back soon.    So glad  when you do! P.S. Update -Was happy to hear from my blogging friends in Fla.  They are safe.   Thanks for all of you who took time to "look up" with me. God Bless!


I am finding it a challenge to write a post this week.  My heart is with all those who are in the path of hurricane Irma. Many of my blogging friends are in the south.   Praying they stay safe.                                          Two of them posted earlier this week.  Barbara Joan at  Art Hearts Journey   and Kathy  Catching Happiness .   Both mentioned concern in their post.   It seems as if nothing quite prepares one for storms.   Even when you are given notice decisions often have to be made quickly.   Will be spending time tonight "Looking up".   God Bless! Hugs Debbie

Prayers of Encouragement

Sending up prayers of encouragement for those in Texas and Louisiana who have lost loved ones, their homes and businesses. Many of us will be celebrating a three day weekend here in the U.S.  Amidst the celebration perhaps you will take a moment to pause and "look up" for Harvey's victims. I will join you. "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective."  James 5:16b (NIV) God Bless Debbie