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Long Time

Sunday Sketches   It may seem like a long time since I last saw the hummingbirds and yellow finches.  Or spotted a patch of wildflowers or looked up at such a soft blue sky... or caught site of a butterfly... or seen hills shrouded in the morning mist. In reality it hasn't been so long.  It just seems so. When one is waiting time seems to slumber. May all of you have a blessed week! Hugs Debbie


Cyclamen "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."   Hebrews 11:1 (NIV) Hope all of you have a wonderful week. God Bless!


I am thinking that soon I will be putting these winter boots away.   Hopefully they will be traded for some lighter sneakers.   This page in my sketchbook was prompted by a wonderful book I read this winter.  "One thousand gifts" by Ann Voskamp touched my heart.    Sometimes God puts special books in one's hand just when needed.   This was one of those times. In her book Ann shares her journey and the listing of one thousand gifts.    She knows how to go to the heart of gratitude even when being grateful seems difficult.   One Thousand Gifts  is a lovely link to visit.   At the top you can select "blog" and you will be able to read more about Ann and her friends. Speaking of gifts...this snowdrop was today's.    It tells me spring will be here soon! So glad you stopped by. Hope everyone has a delightful week. Hugs Debbie  

Gifts From France

My dear friend  Barbara Lilian  blessed me with the most wonderful gifts from France. When I opened this lovely package the scent of sweet lavender drifted through the room.    It's fragrance reminded me of summer and the joy of that season.   (To those of us who have had way too much winter - it was a welcome reminder that summer will come again). Barbara had thoughtfully enclosed gorgeous watercolor cards she had made.   One was done in Normandy France.    The other was a delightful winter scene.   Both are lovely treasures.    Also there was a packet of hollyhock seeds and a postcard from her visit to Talmont Atlantic Coast in France. Knowing I love to cook she included an English edition of Cooking in Burgundy and Champagne.    It is filled with the most delicious recipes.  Hubby will be sampling some new dishes in the next few weeks! Last but not least was this gorgeous handmade heart sachet.  It had been carefully wrapped and placed in

Fine Feathered Friends

Blue Jay Some fine feathered friends came by to say hello today. The snowy weather didn't keep them from gathering to visit. These three chums arrived together.    I think they wanted to make sure there was going to be plenty of vittles. Ms. Tufted titmouse came alone.   She seemed to be in a bit of hurry.  Didn't linger long.  I am sure she will be back again soon. Naturally Mr. Cardinal showed up.    He was a bit late.   I think he may have been delayed because his girlfriend was taking her time getting ready. I must say she looked well decked out when she finally made her appearance. So glad these friends took time to stop by.   Glad you did too. Hope all of you who are still having winter are staying safe and warm. Hugs Debbie