Chasing away winter's chill

Hearty Ham and Bean Soup
To chase away winter's chill I often put on a special pot of Ham and Bean Soup.   There are so many different recipes for this warm comforting dish.   Mine is simple...I soak the beans overnight in water.   Next morning I rinse them and place them in my slow cooker with a bit of ham and chicken broth to cover,  add some celery, garlic powder, salt and pepper, onion and carrot.  If it is for our evening meal I cook it on slow all day.  

There is something special about coming in from an afternoon walk to the rich aroma of this bubbling soup.


For a quick dessert I will take four tablespoons of butter, a fourth of a cup of brown sugar with a tad of water and stir this in the skillet until sugar is dissoved and butter melted...add about three yellow delicious apples sliced but with skins on and cook  10 to 15 min. on medium just until apples are soft and glazed with caramel sauce.   To dress it up you can add some raisins and cinnamon!
Fried Caramel Apples
    Both of these country dishes are simple and easy.   Both will warm you up and chase away winter's chill.

So enjoyed you stopping by.   Would love to hear what you are doing while Old Man Winter visits.

a work in progress

Have a great day!   God Bless. 


  1. Love the simple things of life! Enjoy your evening!

  2. Now you have made me hungry and a hot bowl of soup is perfect when it is cold outside.

  3. I'm on my way. That soup and apple dessert sounds so yummy. Thanks for coming by my blog. I will tell you a painting every day is not easy at all. I like to take my time when painting and this makes me feel rushed. Some are not what I would normally put out there but with the time constraint ... so I paint onward with only 15 days to go. It has been a good challenge though!

  4. Yes to Soup!
    I'll get out the bean to soak tonight.
    Thank you

    Yesterday I made squash soup doubling the chopped onion. The flavor and texture is better with more onion.

  5. What a gorgeous little fawn! And yummy over at your house! I need to do more home cooking. My poor husband.

  6. OOh! I could go on and on about every one of these photos. I love the tree in the field. I want to draw him/her. And the food... both of those would become my favorites if I cooked them here. Maybe I'll look for the recipes this afternoon... (or you could send them?)
    And the little deer.... is TRULY a little dear, posed that way, ready to scoot, but curious at the same time... perfect!

  7. Those look delicious. Maybe I'll give them a try. Thanks for sharing. I do hope your day is as special as you are!

  8. What a pleasure to see and read this post. I read aloud the soup to my hubby and it has us both set for us to soak the beans tonight.
    Your delicate painting of the fawn captured the head position just right. beautiful.

  9. I'm going to make that apple dish-and you've inspired me to drag out my cooker-it's buried in a cupboard...and oh-how I love your art work.

  10. I haven't made this for awhile. Sounds so good... I always have it with homemade cornbread. Yum! Last night I made bread pudding! Sometimes, the simple basics are the best!

  11. Winter recipes! I'm a fan of simmering stew and apple desserts. I like to add nuts sometimes. Your pictures are a real treat and I love your last aquarella painting.

  12. Beautiful painting! We have had a lot of deer around our house lately, and I just love them. Your painting is so perfect! I love bean and ham soup! The apples look amazing, too. I will be making your recipes soon!

  13. Lovely little deer and the soup and apples sound wonderful I"ll make some , thank you Debbie, yes it's wet,dreary and talking of snow here. I've painted a little, got the grocery shopping done and going to get a cup of coffee and paint some more. sending you a hug,love,Diana

  14. It finally got a bit cold here this week and I seem to be developing a dry cough. Nothing too serious though but it makes me want to curl up in an armchair and read.

  15. Oh, you good cook you......
    Looks warm and comforting alright.
    Winter? Here in Florida? well, tonight we have a cold front coming in, that means it will get down to 50 at night and in the high 60's tomorrow, Now THATS a cold front for Florida ... hugs BJ stay warm

  16. I grew up with these wonderfully delicious simple foods. :)

  17. Your recipes are great, I do the first one myself, with a few variations, but the dessert is absolutely to try, simple and delicious ! And your little watercolor sketch is lovely . Keep warm ! xx

  18. Hi Debbie. Lunch at yours then tomorrow I think. I wish... This all looks so scrummy. My family don't like pulses so I don't get to have them very often sadly. Your little deer is so sweet too. Keep warm and take care. xx


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