Vitamin D

  Vitamin D came in the form of sunshine this week-end.   It beckoned to Sarge and I.   Our  daily walk promised to be pleasant.
   Feeling adventurous we chose a different path.   The apple orchard looked like it could use a visit.
In the summer these old gnarled trees produce fruit that makes wonderful sauce and pie.
Up the hill the pines whispered their greeting.

Raspberry and blackberry brambles reached out to grasp  hello.
Our shadows traveled with us.    I had not seen mine for several days. 
    Underfoot last season's crop crunched as we made our way home. 
It was a great hike!
Sunshine is amazing.   It can change one's perspective.   It improved mine.
Thanks for stopping by. 
   Hope you found some Vitamin D! 



  1. I'm ashamed to say I did not. I really need to make myself get out and go for a walk. Today's excuse is that it is below zero with wind chill.

  2. Hi Deb! Looks just like it does here in North CArolina ... but I love your long views ..... on our fields we have winter rye and some field with tobacco stubble. Hope your week is terrific!

  3. Thanks for taking me on the walk with you. I felt I was there. Great photos!

  4. Loved the hike, Debbie! You inspire me to bundle up, and get out and walk. We are blessed to have had quite a bit of sunshine lately, in spite of the cold, and I couldn't agree more - it makes all the difference in attitude! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh your hike was wonderful. Winter sun is my favorite. We have had sunshine the last few days as well. Enjoy! Bonnie

  6. We have an excess of it here :) I do look forward to grey skies in winter but sometimes they are sadly lacking.

  7. Lovely shots! Now imagine that covered in snow, and that's what I have. I had a white german shepherd named Snow who was my running and walking companion for many years. She was the best! Enjoy your companion Sarge. :)

  8. No vitamin D yet....I enjoyed taking a walk with you. You have such a lovely place to explore and photograph.

  9. no I'm afraid it's a cold cold day here. but I will try to tomorrow. enjoyed yours Debbie thank you for sharing it with,Diana

  10. I love winter shadows. Looks like it was a beautiful day. Freezing cold here but Meeko gets me outside each day. Grateful to him.

  11. That's beautiful country you and Sarge have to walk in.

  12. It has fully emerged to crown Singapore's southern shores and undoubtedly placed her on the global map of residential landmarks. I still scored the more points than I ever have in a season for GS. I think you would be hard pressed to find somebody with the same consistency I have had over the years so I am happy with that. servetheservantss

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