Looking back...moving forward

The Visit

 September is a month for looking back and moving forward.  How quickly it has hummed by.  I think of this time of the year as an in-between season - summer not quite finished and autumn not quite here.
Just need to take a few moments to bid farewell to...
 some late bloomers... 
 the morning sun's caress 
a  dewey spider's web 
 an evening's place to rest 
and my sweet hummer...  
You have moved forward and so must I.  
God bless you little friend...thanks for the visit.


  1. How pretty the dewy spider web looks. Such a magnificent piece of lace :)

  2. Lovely tribute to a lovely time... and a beautiful painting...

  3. Debbie, what a beautiful post today,
    Your words always lift my spirits, and remind me that we have some beautiful things in life to be thankful for even when times are not so good..
    Thank you my friend .. BJ

  4. Beautiful photos Debbie! I am going to miss my hummers too.

  5. Such soft joy comes from your post, Debbie. I'm feeling it too.

  6. So beautiful Debbie, I miss the hummers..we had 2 yesterday and one came and asked for clean feeder sugar water.So adorable. you help me see joy. thank you dear friend, love,Diana

  7. Lovely painting. Looks like everybody is inspired by birds lately, me included!
    Happy Painting.

  8. Beautiful painting - such delicate, beautiful colors!

  9. Can you believe that this month is almost over already. Time is flying. Lovely painting!!! Great photos. Enjoy!!

  10. Beautiful painting

    I miss Ohio in the Autumn especially at apple butter time, Folks outdoors in front of the church in Keene Township near Coshocton County, Ohio, big iron pot stirring apple butter.

  11. Oh my, the hummer photo made me cry. It is so beautiful. Thank you for that.

  12. Beautiful and slightly nostalgic photos of a summer that went, and your watercolor is just lovely, sweet and delicate.

  13. What a great post. You summed it up perfectly.

  14. Debbie your humming bird is really beautiful and so is your post.

  15. Wow, happy to see this awesome post. I hope this think help any newbie for their awesome work. By the way thanks for share this awesomeness from Acupuncture Pen HQ


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