Making a memory...

Making a memory is what life is all about.  Today I had an appointment with one.
   My wonderful hubby thought bales of straw with pumpkins and mums for decorating might be rather boring.
He had something else in mind. 

Umm!  Perhaps he could use a bit of help .  

While sweetie was busy constructing arms and legs out of plastic pipe I decided to get creative . 
Using a pillowcase stuffed with straw I loaded a brush with acrylic ink and painted a face.  (This is definitely not my finest piece of art.) 

Since neither one of us had ever made a scarecrow we took things slowly .  With a drill and a few rivets his clothing was attached to the pipe.   The head was a bit of a challenge but with more pipe and rivets he was snuggly connected.  To keep his straw hat on I sewed it to his head.  It was a bit like working on a patient.  More straw was necessary to pad him well and to give him weight so he would not blow away.  Then to dress him up a bit gloves were attached with plastic ties to the sleeves of the shirt.   By this time he was starting to take on some character.

The garden bench seemed like the perfect place to situate him.

  Now he may not win a prize but perhaps he is a bit more interesting than a few mums and pumpkins.    Thanks for pulling up a bale of straw and taking some time to enjoy the making of a memory.    God Bless!    

  (P.S I think some bright chrysanthemums would complete this scene very nicely - umm- maybe the flower fairy will drop by tomorrow).


  1. He's adorable! What a GREAT MEMORY! And yes, a few fall flowers to keep him company! Very nice! me an idea! Thanks...from one sweetie to another...Roxie

  2. He is a cutie! This is something that I would have to stop and take pictures if I were driving by. Yes flowers would complete the scene nicely.

  3. A delightful man of straw! The memories you made with your husband, however, are priceless!

  4. Love the memories and your new straw man...

  5. He looks rather plump and jolly to me. A few pots of mums would top it off rather nicely!

  6. He looks like he's having a great time lying down on the straw bales.

  7. I was thinking the same thing about the mums! He looks like a very interesting character... I bet he could tell some good stories!

  8. Love love the display you and hubby have created...sooo fun and fall perfect...

  9. What a fun thing to do!
    You'll have to paint him when he's got his flowers in place :) xx

  10. This character looks fabulous. I love this time of year with all it's beautiful colours and things. Over there you seem to enjoy the joys of autumn more so than we do in the UK. Anyway have a great time. Judging by this happy fellow I'm sure you will. :-)

  11. The two of you did a great job on him. I've always said I was going to try making one, but never get around to it.

  12. That looks so wonderful, great job !!!
    I wish people would decorate like that here in The Netherlands too. I only have an Autumn aster in a basket with a stone pumpkin next to it and a witches broon on the wall ; )
    Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for praying for me !!


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