Cider Run

 A cider run is one of our autumn traditions.   We take the motorcyle and ride to a place about thirty minutes from our home.
Mapleton Cider Mill has been in operation for several decades. 
   Local apples and pears are used to make this sweet beverage.  It is the old fashioned type...unpasteurized.
   At this time of the year the Mill is always open.   There is an honor system in place.  You just go to the side of the building and leave your money in a box by the cooler door.
Occasionally there is someone to greet you. 
We generally purchase two for us and one for my folks.   
 It is a lovely place to go.   There is beautiful scenery along the way.
  A railroad track runs through the charming village...
with farms nearbye.
I am so glad to share our cider run.   Hope you enjoyed the ride.  
God Bless!


  1. AWE......Is this lovely or what? I want to go! The honor system is so sweet. I guess there is still a few places like this in the U.S.A! I would love to know where this far from Cinti? Roxie

  2. Looks like it was a gorgeous day for a cider run too.

  3. The cat greeting you made me smile. My Hubby makes his own Cider from our own apple trees. The King Keg barrels he fills up are soon empty ! Marion x

  4. Ooh, looks like wonderful scenery to sketch!

  5. It's so pretty. It reminded me of the wineries in Augusta MO. The year I lived in the US we had gone there on bright autumn afernoon. The colours of the trees was truly spectacular.

  6. Looks like a wonderful place....

  7. Fabulous run!
    So lovely to hear of honour systems still operating.
    Warms my heart xx

  8. What inspiring countryside Debbie. Hope you're getting your brushes out with all that beautiful scenery around you. Thanks for sharing. xx

  9. I did enjoy it... just wish I had a glass of that yummy looking cider!


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