Thoughts of You...

My thoughts are of you tonight Grandma.  Mama bought me some lovely pansies to plant and as always I plant them in memory of you and your love. 

Still miss you after all these years.   I know you are smiling down from heaven and that makes me smile too.
I'll be seeing you!
Goodnight and God Bless! 


  1. Dear Pixie,
    This is such a sweet post! I do something the same; I always get tuberose bulbs in memory of my Grandma Launius, my Daddy's mom. In fact, you have just given my a post idea (I was just mentally tired tonight and was not going to post, but now I'm going it okay if I mention you and your post??)

  2. Ah, Debbie. I hope my grandchildren remember me with the love and respect you have for your grandmother.

  3. I hope that your pansies bring you much joy. Some of my favorite memories of my grandmother are intertwined with the flower garden.

    1. Vicki thank you for you kind thoughts. Grandma's and flowers just go together. God Bless!


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