Furry Feline

A few days ago I was out taking some pics of the azaleas.  They had just started blooming.  Smokey seemed to think he needed his picture taken as well.  I can count on him to be in the middle of whatever I am doing.  He has a way of knowing how to get my attention.  Thought these photos would make you smile.   They do me!

What is she doing ?
Better check this out!

See I knew you wanted my photo!

Hope all you who visit have a great weekend.  Keep Smiling!


  1. Debbie, Smokey is adorably hysterical. I like how he acts all hoity toity when you actually turn the camera on him in the end! LOL

  2. Hi Debbie, thought I would come by and check out your work and pass on many thanks for having a browse on my blog. Loving Smokey. He obviously feels he needs to be your picture editor and make sure everything is as it should be!

    1. Sketchbook Squirrel - thank you for stopping by - love your blog. Hope you have a great day - God Bless


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