Cats and more cats

If you haven't guessed by now I love cats and I enjoy painting them.   With four of them running about the house it can get pretty crazy around here.   My hubby doesn't feel quite the same about them as I do but  because he loves me so - he tolerates them.

I have made arrangements for them in case I check out before my husband.   I have a girl friend who will take them .  I think she has eight so what is four more. 

One must always be prepared for the inevitable!

Smokey is above and Scooter is to the right.   Both have been known to spend time in the studio with me.   Unfortunately I have found fur in the paint and paw prints on an almost finished watercolor painting.  What's a person to do - I guess you just have to love them and go on.

Below is one of my first cat paintings in watercolor  -  it was done with my white cats in mind.   Both are gone now.   Still miss them. 

To all of you cat lovers out there have a good nite and God bless!


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