winter- art - friendship

This is my second post and I was happy to find myself under google blogs- this is all so new to me but I am enjoying the process.

Winter here in Ohio has been very kind this year to us.   The two big snowstorms have fallen on the weekends and so we have not had to venture out to work on the bad roads.

 This was a photo my hubby took last week after the snow had finished with us.   Winter truly can be beautiful - God is such a great creator!

I've been in my studio this week working on a new spring floral.     It is not quite finished yet but thought I'd post it .  I've been known to go too far and ruin it in the last stages so in case I do  I will have a record of it to remind myself when to quit.

Do any of you out there who paint have the same problem?

Thank you for stopping by - all friends are welcome.   Have a blessed day.


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