Man vs. mouse

Just a quick note on the morning and Man Vs Mouse - I do not rely on my four cats to catch the mice that make their way into my home.  My spouse is the true hero when it comes to the mice.   He like me is sensitive to the little creatures and really does not want their guts all spread out on the floor as well as tortured by four big kitties.
To make a long story short - Sinbad decided to bring his catch of the day indoors alive.    In letting him loose it caused me to squeak (pardon the pun) and two other felines to gather around this one poor mouse.   Dick my hubby being the hero he is, rushed into the fray with a wet dishtowel and in two swoops was able to fling it over the mouse thus capturing the little creature.  He then gathered the towel with the mouse inside and took it outdoors and set it free. 

I would normally have said this was just a rare circumstance but this has now worked twice according to my husband.

Last summer we had a similar situation but I had went outside figuring that in time the kitties would finish off the prey although they were not overly interested in doing their duty.  I unfortunately was left with a mouse in hiding.   Being the brave soul that I am I decided to just forget it and go out and mow leaving Dick and the cats to deal with the little intruder.
My Hero
In coming indoors later my hubby was proud to tell me how he used the wet dishtowel as a Frisbee and caught the mouse under its weight and thus saved it from the vicious felines.  Not having seen this for myself I was a little in doubt but now I am a believer and think we should patent this technique.

So for all you mice lovers hope this trick will work for you as well.   God Bless and have a great day!


  1. HI Debbie, it's nice to meet you. I've been painting for a long time. I like your watercolors and I try to stop when I get to the I like it stage.But sometimes I overwork mine-- I think we all do!! Your spring flowers are lovely and I esp. like your kitty.Lets keep in touch. love,Diana


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