Wednesday, April 3, 2024


 April for me is the month of beginnings.

The cheery daffodils blooming always chase away the gray of winter.  They are just the start of all the pretty flowers that will make lovely bouquets.

The birds have a new song.  In the early mornings their chirps sound so sweet.  

They are an inspiration to this artist's heart. 

Yes the month of April brings great beginnings.

Hope you are enjoying some too.  Thanks for stopping to visit.   Always so glad when you do.



"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was with God in the beginning."  John 1:1 &2 (NIV)  


  1. Oh, it is so pretty there and that rainbow in the distance is amazing, and so is your bird painting. I love your big beautiful dog too.

  2. Love your bird painting! For me April is my birth month, so yes a new year for me!

  3. The rainbow is extra special!

  4. Beautiful post Debbie ~ love your bird painting and adorable dog!
    Happy April.

  5. That first photo is a beauty! Great capture!

  6. I always love your photos that go along with the title of your post. I love the beginnings of spring. We're seeing lots of daffodils here, forsythia in bloom, and some of the cherry trees are starting to bloom. Have a great week and enjoy the beginnings of what I hope is a great month. ((Hugs!))

  7. Loving the furrbaby...and the views!! Pretty!

  8. Your photos are great and the sketch/drawing is amazing. Thanks for inspiring me today!

  9. Oh, I love that picture of the red house in the woods with the rainbow in the distance. It's beautiful, Debbie. And you're so talented with your paintings. That bird painting is very nice. I enjoy hearing the bird''s song too, and they've been coming around more often, now that Spring has arrived.

    I hope the start of April has been very good to you, my friend. Your posts always put a smile in my heart.


  10. Lovely April. Often a pleasant month here, too, and starting out that way this year.

  11. Gorgeous, hopeful April, which brings us so lovely new beginnings. You have such wonderful impressions of your surroundings shared with us and your painting is very beautiful.

    huge hugs.

  12. Everything seems so shiny and new again. So nice to see some sun, we are promised some here soon hopefully. Gorgeous painting! Best wishes.

  13. I agree when you say April is the month of new beginnings. And that cheery daffodils are good chasers away of winter's gray. Oh yes! I love that photo with its view of the rainbow... gorgeous. Happy Spring, Debbie!


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