Saturday, January 21, 2023


Winter seems to be waiting to arrive.  It seems strange that January is more than half over and we've only had a few snow flurries thus far.  There is a rumor that we may get several inches overnight into tomorrow.  We shall see!

In the meantime will enjoy this unusual weather.

Been using these botanical washi tapes in my current January sketch pages.  They are so pretty.  May have found a new addiction :)!!  Bought them on line at Amazon.  

Speaking of waiting - look what arrived in my mail this past week.  John Scheepers Garden  Catalog.
They have such a wide variety of veggies, herbs and flower seeds.  Their heirloom selection is great.  It is always fun to read the descriptions and see the lovely art illustrations.  Makes waiting for spring just a bit easier.

Well hope all of you will share what you are waiting for this coming week.



"I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope."  Psalm 130:5 (NIV)


  1. What do you use the Washi tapes for?

  2. We are waiting for winter to arrive...we saw flurries and a dusting of snow but I think that was before Christmas. I haven't heard anything about snow in the forecast here. Love the different washi fun! I'm glad you have such a nice catalogue to look at, think about, and wait for things to grow.

  3. Winter is slow again this year. In February and March, we'll probably be wishing it would go by fast. :)

  4. Love the washi tapes! And I can imagine the joy of reading the catalog! We had some snow in certain areas, not mine. I'm waiting for spring and to see spring flowers in my balcony pots!

  5. I learned about the washi tapes from the artists on T they could be pretty addictive to collect-I just have a few, and don't think to use them most of the time-some are so pretty I bought a few from Japan awhile back.
    we have not gotten much in snow or ice-a good thing for me haha but it has been very very cold again down into the low 20's most nights. sometimes february here can bring allot of winter.
    happy new week

  6. Dear Debbie, it's so nice to see you back. It's finally winter here. No snow, of courses but quite a bit of rain, wind and colder temperatures. Yes, washi tapes are addictive. I love them.

  7. The washi tapes you have are pretty. I would like some of those! Mine are rather plain...You will be getting something from me-part of it is in a letter, the other part in a box. Sorry it's taken so long!

  8. Love the photo, we have had warm weather and today rain .. finally. My great grands 4 and 3 years old were given an old seed catalog and told to cut out the photos of the veggies they wanted to plant this year. One opened to corn and said I want all of these, his older brother said, "Why not cut out the whole page?" The favorites were melon and the corn.
    I have to look up washi tapes.

  9. That washi tape is beautiful! And seed catalogs are a definite simple pleasure ;) I love looking at them, even though I rarely grow anything from seed. I just don't seem to have the knack, the patience, or something!!

  10. Winter hasn't really shown up here either , but as you rightfully said, let's just enjoy it, can't do much about it :-))


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