Friday, January 27, 2023

Winding Down

 January is winding down.  It is hard to believe that the first month of 2023 has gone by so quickly.

It just seems like yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and the coming of a New Year!

Was able to set aside time for sketching each week...

  walking our growing pup Kelsey (8 months here).

(My she has certainly grown fast!)

  lots of reading...this is the last one on my list for the month.  Just discovered Hallie Ephron.

Earlier in January read her suspense novel "You Will Never Know Dear".  Looking forward to diving into this one in the coming week.

The hi-light though of this month was the lovely gift my dear friend Debra from Feather Garden made for me.

She arrived this week just when I was in need of an Angel.  Seeing her sitting on the dining room table warms my heart.  Debra's art sculptures as well as her paintings and mixed media pieces are just wonderful.  What a treasure..thank you sweet one.

Well I think that's a wrap up for the month.  Hope all of yours was a blessed one!



"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it."  Hebrews 13:2 (NIV)


  1. Good evening, I am so glad you found some time for your art-I am working on doing something creative every day or at least several times a week. your furry family member has really grown! Debra makes such wonderful things doesn't she? Love your angel
    we have a bitter cold wave coming in early sunday for several days-we missed all that snow last week-fine with me haha Happy weekend hugs from the lake

  2. The angel your friend sent you is precious, Debbie. These books sound really good. I have to get back to reading more. Kelsey looks like she loves roaming around, and you have so much area for her run and play. I'm glad she is doing well.

    Hoping that good things come your way in the month of February, Debbie. It's one of my favorite months. : )


  3. Beautiful angel
    Kelsey is beautiful as well
    January has gone by fast. Valentines not far off.
    It is all so much to take in, soup and good garlic bread will help.

  4. Yes, it is hard to believe the month is almost gone. I just took down my tree last week. The month just flew! Your pages of sketches look lovely. What a pretty angel and it was a thoughtful gift from your friend. I took note of your books. I'm always looking for something good to read. Enjoy the rest of the month and the start of February!

  5. I love your flower sketches, have to say that first. And secondly the Angel, so beautiful and lovely! Just when you needed one! I love that.

  6. Your sketches are amazing. Saw the angel there before reading it was a gift. Lovely. Hope February is great!

  7. Hello dear, how long have we been friends? It must be 10 years or more. It is one of my joys that we are friends. Kelsey is very beautiful. So are your sketches. God bless and keep you.

  8. Hermoso tu espacio, en él encuentro alegría ,,,,,de personas que celebran los pequeños detalles como los bocetos, ver correr a su cachorro y sentirse halagada con el hermoso ángel ..... saludos


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