Last week of July

 Well friends it is the last week of July.  The second cutting of hay is done and ready for the coming winter.

Picking a crop of zucchini.  The large ones will be made into bread and the small ones sliced and fried.  Some folks think one can have too many but not in my opinion.  All one has to do is put in a search on Pinterest  and find a huge variety of recipes.  My dear mom even put them up in pineapple juice (shredded) and substituted for crushed pineapple.  No one could taste the difference. :) !  What a great way to get a veggie into those picky eaters.

I have been reading a collection of inspiring books from the library.  The hot days of summer are a wonderful time to explore creative endeavors.

Working on finishing this note/sketch book.  The first page was dated 8/7/07.  It began when my Dad had open heart surgery and survived.  Why it got put up on the closet shelf and forgotten is a mystery.

It has been my go to when I needed to journal and sketch this past year. 

Nothing spectacular within the pages but it holds thoughts on grieving and being grateful...memories and reflections.  When we lose someone close to us there is a process in letting go and moving towards healing.  Everyone has to find their way through so they come out on the other side.  For me writing and sketching goes hand in hand.  It is a safe place to pour out one's heart.  I have been inspired by so many gorgeous nature journals, urban sketches, and just day to day items.  This sketchbook is mostly private though.
If some of you are working through issues of the heart this may be a practice to put into place...a place where performance doesn't matter and not everything has to be shared.
On a less serious note I will leave you with these lovely holly hocks.  This photo does not do them justice.  They are shockingly pink and I think they just might inspire me to get out the brushes and paint.

P.S. this blackberry shortcake is calling my name.  Have a lovely week dear ones.  Stop by and let me know what your last week of July is calling you to do.



"He welcomed them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God and healed those who needed healing." Luke 9:11 b 


  1. The last week of July is calling me to make memories with my daughter who still lives at home! She is off from work this week and we are going to make the most of it!

  2. I always loved zucchini too, when we moved to a lake house-downsizing from our woods home-I knew I would not have space for a large veggi garden-as I have had ever since I can remember. I do miss the foods-loving that idea to shred and can in pineapple juice.
    art really helps us get through life events. pretty hollyhocks. this last week will continue to be very very hot-closing in on a hundred degrees f I have been working up a space for a hummingbird-flower garden-it's on a hill and lots of rocks-concrete to remove so will continue to work on that. Happy new week Kathy

    1. Oh and congrats on getting your hay in-I know the work involved for that project-good memories though

  3. Your pretend pineapple made me smile. When we were in Bolivia I used carrots for pumpkin pie. No one ever knew. Love the sketches and the stories. Hay is much, much work.

  4. Hugs! Your hollyhocks are stunning. I love the pineapple shredded zucchini!

  5. Time passes so quickly, it's almost the end of the month of July.
    Beautiful sketch and what a spectacular hollyhock
    This cake looks delicious.

  6. Can't believe only one more week in July. The zucchini made me smile, as my Dad had
    a garden, and would bring in lots of zucchini, and my Mom would cook them that night.
    Zucchini bread sounds wonderful Debbie. It's so nice that you journal, and I love it as well.
    I just wrote something in my journal, but sometimes there are many days in between
    the writing. Oh my, that blackberry shortcake looks delicious. I love how you spend time
    with each season doing peaceful and things of goodness. Enjoy the rest of these Summer
    days, Debbie.


  7. The summer is nearly half over! I feel the same way about zucchini. We do a lot of recipes with zucchini noodles. They are healthier than pasta and sometimes I mix them with pasta so you have a little pasta and a lot of noodles. I'm glad you are continuing the journal. Looking back and reading your entries must be special and in some ways sad. I hope those hollyhocks make it into one of your sketches. Enjoy the end of July and the start of August. Have a wonderful week!

  8. Yes the end of July is here. It seems like it's been July forever. We're due for another heatwave this weekend. I guess August will start with a bang.
    The blackberry crumble looks delicious. I can't say I'm very fond of zucchini unfortunately.

  9. It's awfully hot and humid here in NC this last week of July. We have had much hotter weather in Julys past so I shoudn't complain. Your Hollyhock is so pretty. I planted two in the spring but looks like they are not going to bloom this year. Love your sketch.

  10. Is there anything better than zucchini bread? Especially when it’s fresh zucchini from ones garden? I must make it soon!!! My husband will love you for the idea!! Lol
    July us leaving us so quickly and sad since I have 3 grandchildren off to college again after a break. One granddaughter was zooming for a year so now she’ll have her senior year physically in college… my grandson going for Aviation and my other granddaughter going for Sonography… yes… so proud of them …. I still have 2 more who are just thinking of college… life is good but I will miss July!! Going shopping now fir the ingredients to my Zucchini bread!!!!❤️

  11. My hubby is the zuke-bread lover and I need to make him some! Glad for your post as it reminds me my own zukes probably need to be harvested, even though for some reason they are all staying quite small this year. Still yummy though! I love that book pile! Isn't it fun to get a huge pile of books and then sit in the shade with them?
    Always love seeing your art. Love to you...

  12. I particularly like them a lot, anyway, fried grilled, alone, with eggplants, scrambled with eggs, they are part of my diet.
    Best regards

  13. Zucchini are my go to veggie almost every day, never thought of freezing them, now I will , thanks for the tip. And that last photo of your shortcake just makes my mouth water , being an incurable sweet tooth :-)))

  14. hi Debbie,
    So nice to visit you again!! I just ordered 2 books from your pile. Mid summer, love the hayed field...Those quiet pursuits of reading, studying, painting, learning, writing are so precious. And healing is a very sacred process....Good August to you, there in Harmony Hills. Rita


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