April is gone and May has returned. 

I confess friends this is one of my  favorite months. 

Yes the bluebells and the daffodils have faded but there are some lovely tulips stepping up to take their place.

The dogwood are giving us a lovely show...

azaleas too.

In the midst of  all this beauty I have begun to paint again.

Seeing the spring flowers blooming gave me back the desire to pick up my brushes.

Sometimes there are certain seasons that inspire more than others - perhaps this one is mine.

So even though April is gone let us welcome May.

Have a lovely week dear ones.



"I will send you rain in its season, and the ground will yield its crops and the trees of the field their fruit."  Lev.26:4 (NIV)


  1. Yes, I'm so glad for May too. I love with the May Day trees bloom, they are one of the first this month. A sweet elusive fragrance that wafts in the neighbourhood as the breezes blow.

    I agree that certain seasons nudge more definitely for creative endeavour. I'm happy you picked up your brushes. Your painting above is quite delightful. Love the colours.

    Wishing you a beautiful month ahead, Debbie!
    Brenda xo

  2. Beautiful blooms thanks for sharing. May is a wonderful month

  3. So glad this season inspires you to paint, Debbie. You're so good at it. What a
    lovely painting. I've always thought the dogwood blooms were so pretty. A very
    special verse you have shared today. It's so good when it rains here in California,
    as these are the dry months. We just had a fire here in the mountains, and it was
    a bit scary, but thankfully I live right by the fire station and they took care of it
    right away. Happy May days to you, Debbie. May is a wonderful month. : )

  4. Happy May Day... May does grab you with all the beauty that your garden can give and wrestles the creative spirit right out into the open. Lovely blooms and charming painting. Have a great month....

  5. Hard to believe that May is here!!!! Time is flying!!! I love the month of may and love your painting!!!! Enjoy your day!!

  6. I love that you wrote "May has RETURNED." The phrase is full of hope because it implies that once May is over it will come again, the Lord willing!

  7. April flew by, didn't it? I loved April, and May promises to be HOT, but it's all part of the cycle of nature. You certainly have a lot of beautiful blooms to inspire your painting. Enjoy!

  8. Happy May and hope it continues to inspire you. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of all that’s blooming in your area :).

  9. Beautiful flowers. Azaleas are so gorgeous. I thought of buying some but I don't think they'd survive our dry summers.

  10. May is the month where everything kind of comes together before the great heat of summer , definitely a favorite month of mine too. And you certainly were inspired with your painting, such beautiful contrasts to set off the Narcissus .

  11. Beautiful photos, love May, too. Your flower painting is outstanding and lovely. Happy to see you painting.

  12. O I really love your painting.
    And that tree. The azalea!
    So nice.


  13. I'm sure it's lovely up there. It is now summer here at 90F. But the sunflowers are coming up.

  14. Thank you for all the lovely photos of the delights you are seeing in May already. Our tulips are starting to come up and the rhodies are budding. Your painting is so pretty!!! I'm glad you were inspired to start painting again. I hope we will be treated to more of your beautiful creations. Enjoy the spring weather!

  15. The pink tulip surrounded with little blue flowers and spring green is just beautiful. May is my favorite month of the year. Your painting is so pretty. If I were an artist flowers would be my favorite things to paint.

  16. That's Debbie, we already have here the flowery May, says a saying; windy March, rainy April, take out may flowery and beautiful, it is the month of flowers, you have to enjoy it to the full.
    I love that painting, I'm glad you pick it up.
    Best regards.

  17. Bonjour chère amie,

    Une très jolie publication où les fleurs illuminent notre regard... Tout comme toi, le printemps est ma saison préférée. La lumière y est sublime et les verts si tendres, si acidulés...
    Ton aquarelle printanière est simplement superbe ! Bravo !
    Gros bisous,

  18. Your painting is beautiful! You have so many flowers and scenes there to be inspired by. God bless you dear friend!

  19. I love your photos. Flowers always inspire my day. And your painting is beautiful. Wishing you beautiful days ahead.

  20. I love your painterly and photo response to this time of year that you love so much. The May blossoms are so beautiful. This year the daffodils are catching me...

  21. Hermoso poder celebrar de esa manera la llegada de la primavera, con tan bellas fotos y una pintura fresca y sútil. También agradecer al Señor las maravillas de la naturaleza. Saludos!!

  22. Happy May, Debbie. Your lovely blog is so beautiful and full of joy. Please stay safe and well and pass my best wishes to your family! Best wishes, ((Hugs)), love, Sadami


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