Last week of Summer

It is official - the last week of summer has arrived.

The final cutting of hay is done.
Blackberry leaves are changing to a lovely shade of crimson.

Green burrs have now turned brown.

Golden rod grows tall among the brambles.

Even these two know summer is coming to an end.

It is time to say farewell to this season and embrace autumn's arrival.  May it bring joyful moments as well. 

God Bless!


"But one thing I do:  Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead."   Phil 3:13b (NIV) 


  1. Those crimson leaves are so beautiful. The leaves do not turn colour here = except the vines, but they generally just turn yellowish and then brown.

  2. I still hear the sounds of crickets, Debbie!! When they stop, I know the Summer is totally gone. But I do love the colors of Autumn!

  3. Autumn... It's coming:)
    Great post, as usual, Debbie! Love the photos:)

  4. Hi Debbie, yes it is getting colder here as well. Way too soon this year. We had a snow flurry yesterday morning and I was in shock. Not unusual to have an inch or two of snow for Halloween but this is still early September. Oh my, this doesn't bode well. Wishing you a lovely autumn.

  5. It seems like summer only just started ...where does time go?
    It is the early dark evenings which I dislike but at least we have until early November this year before the time changes. The crimson leaves are stunning.
    Enjoy a Blessed week, dear Debbie.

  6. Debbie, the photos are beautiful. I'm ready.

  7. Beautiful photos
    Thus year golderod seems to be everywhere in abundance!

  8. Lovely colours for the changing season Debbie and your photos are beautiful. All the best and may your Autumn be really enjoyable.
    Love your sweet little wooden wagon brimming with flowers :D) xx

  9. The weather here is autumn-like already: rain and chilly. So we are gently nudged into autumn. Looking forward to the colours!

  10. Looks like your fall has begun! Love to see the colors start changing! Hope your week is wonderful!

  11. We have some signs of autumn here, too, and it is so welcome! We really don't have the changes of color like your lovely surroundings display, but the temperature changes are most welcome. Our light will transition as well from hazy summer skies to clear, bright autumn/winter days. Your photographs bring back good memories of where I grew up, and I thank you for posting them.

  12. What a lovely post to say goodbye to summer :)

  13. Beautiful photos!!! Soon we will be seeing the color changing on the trees. That makes it such a special time of year. Have a wonderful last week of summer!

  14. Even though the weather is still warm here, autumn is clearly showing the first signs in my garden. Love it !

  15. You live in such a pretty area, Debbie. So nice to have blackberries growing. There are lots of things to make with blackberries, and they're expensive at the stores now. Your dogs sure look like they are enjoying all that space to roam around.

    Yes, Fall is coming, and it rained yesterday! I was so surprised to look out my window and see the rain pouring down.


  16. I am so looking forward to autumn. I want these 90 degree, rainless days to depart. I am ready for cool and damp. I hope you and yours enjoys the last days of summer. The days are getting so much shorter now.

  17. Lovely photos. Liked that red leaf and the one of your two dogs having a grin out in the field.

    It's so hard to believe we've arrived at the last few days of summer (even officially). Wow. But it's been a good run. Our garden has grown and been beautiful in spite of all the rain and cool weather we've had this summer. It's still cool but it's autumn crispy, and we have more sunshine on this autumnal afternoons. Love it.

    Wishing you a beautiful day, Debbie.
    Brenda xox

  18. Love changing of the colour of the blackberry leaves. so nature

  19. Dear Debbie serenity in your first image has touched my soul so deep :)

    change is actual beauty of not just season but life itself isn't it !

    you live in such a lovely place my friend and i can see the peace you inhale from your surroundings and beautiful perspective of life within your wonderful words !
    hope autumn brings more joys to your days :)

  20. Here we wait for the autumn, the very hot summers with more than 40 º are exhausting, also because it is the season par excellence to paint.
    Thank you for the visit and the kind comment. Regards.

  21. Wonderful photos as usual, Debbie. Love the one of Shelby and Schindler with the golden rods! Here in the NC mountains seems autumn is coming much too fast. Leaves are already turning. Would like to hang on to summer a little longer! Your posts are so very inspiring!

  22. cute nature description! You are in right way to describe them through beautiful images.

    You know, In a blog a human will visit in looks for visual description and search engine just can read texts. Human is more important.

    Great Job!

  23. Beautiful photos! It is always wonderful to see the beauty of the colors in the changing leaves of fall. Not something we see down here in s.e. FL. ~ Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. ~ FlowerLady

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