Well look what has finally awakened from a long winter's nap.

 Pussy Willows...

A honey bee...

a few daffodils...

a hidden crocus...

and last but not least a sweet robin.

Yes my friends I think spring has awakened!

Hope all of you are enjoying some of the same awakenings.   Have a lovely week.

"...when I awake, I will be satisfied with seeing your likeness."  Psalm 17:15b (niv)


  1. It is a miracle every year!

  2. Oook, yes, spring is coming. Is arrived over there. What a cute robin. It is such a cutie. How large is it? I think more large than the Europian one? Have a nice week!

  3. Happy Spring! Lovely photos. I've seen snowdrops up, and daffodils breaking soil.

  4. Robins are my all-time favorite birds. Have a lovely week, my friend. Thinking about you!

  5. Like being reborn, so good to see nature awakening, Happy Spring Deb !

  6. So nice to see such breathtaking color after the winter. Kind of makes a person excited and eager to start anew.

  7. Spring is lovely. The weather is still all over the place but it's what makes spring so special - you never know what you're going to get.

  8. Your Spring is farther along than ours. Winter came back to visit us today with about 5" of new snow already and it's not due to end until tomorrow morning. I am not happy about this turn of events. These days make me want to bake and that's not always a good thing. Made some cinnamon muffins (low carb) today. Also learn I'm in desperate need of replenishing my baking supplies as I didn't have enough almond flour to make almond buns. Well, that's another day's shopping trip. Today I am snuggling in and keeping warm and dry. I wish you a lovely day.

  9. How beautiful the appearance of daffodils ...
    I imagine if planted in the yard of a house, surely the look of the garden will look more beautiful

  10. It is the same here, and I am so excited. Isn't spring just beautiful after a long cold winter.

  11. Love the title. Love the pics. Love visiting YOU, dear Debbie and getting a glimpse of your world.

  12. From my window I can also see the coming out of buds from the branches of the seemingly dead trees. Yes, spring is awakened giving us another nature's beauty. Thank you God for all of nature's beauty that we see.
    Thank you Debbie for inspiring me always. Hugs and greetings.

  13. Hi Debbie,
    A lot of those guys are still asleep here...but I have been watching and even sketching robins...and i did see some crocuses. But it's been snowing, wet, 32 degree snow, here for the last 3 days...Anyway, thank you for sharing your sweet observations. I will remember to notice more when that old wet snow goes away!

  14. Lovely photos! We had the most perfect spring day today (4/10). Everything blooming in my yard is yellow and white--such a beautiful combination

  15. It seems to have come in overnight with warm sunny days and the need to get outside to walk, hike, or just look at the new things blooming! Enjoy and have a wonderful spring!!

  16. Oh, Spring has arrived in your area, Debbie. I see the willows sometimes at the trails. The daffodils are always cheerful to look at. And the sweet Robins make me smile. These are lovely photos.

    Happy April days to you.


  17. Yay for awakenings! I'll be you take real pleasure in exploring your area looking for the first signs of spring.

  18. I love the little changes that happen so slowly!!!


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