Floral Sketches

Dear Friends,
                                                                                                                                                                          Sharing a floral sketch done this month.  June always seems to have so many flowers blooming at once.  It is hard to decide which ones to capture.
 These were sketched directly in the garden with a micron pen.   Later a bit of watercolor was added in the studio.  Canson makes a great Montval Field Watercolor book.   Seems to accept light washes well without buckling.   Mine is a 10x7 with 50 pages .   This size suits my taste because it is easy to carry outdoors.  

It is hard to realize that the last week of this beautiful month is here.   Where did June go?  

Guess time flies when one is soaking up the sunshine and enjoying those glorious blooms!

May all of you enjoy those last days of June...See you in July!

Hugs Debbie


  1. Debbie, your floral sketches are just beautiful!! The sketchbook seems to be just made for you.
    And, no, I can't believe it is almost July either! Reminds us to stay in the moment a bit (a lot) more.

  2. I agree with Chris, Debbie! Your sketches are just gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing, your posts always fill my heart with joy!

  3. Oh they're both so pretty Debbie - you've a lovely way with watercolours. It's always such a happy feeling to be able to draw your garden delights!
    Yes, it's really amazing how quickly this year is going.
    Cheers and enjoy the rest of your week :D)

  4. I too cannot believe the month is already over, I feel it only lasted a couple of weeks! Your sketches are beautiful and the size of the sketchbook seems perfect to hold in your arm while studying flowers. You have a wide selection to choose from. I hope there are just as many in July so you can keep sketching!

  5. Very pretty Debbie and I agree. What happened to June? Went to Hobby Lobby the other day and they were putting out fall, Halloween and Christmas decorations.:(

  6. Lovely floral sketches, Debbie. Nice to see your paintings.

  7. Lovely
    Amazing July is so soon this year. :)

  8. Beautiful paintings Debbie. You've got a nice light touch. Happy Painting!

  9. Your watercolor flowers are so delicate and lovely! I like that you record the beauty of them in your book. Sometimes the most beautiful things are fleeting.

  10. Debbie, thanks for sharing this and your last post in your backyard... Beautiful sketch and photos..

  11. Dear Debbie, I’ve no idea where June is going, but I do wish it would slow down a little so that summer would last a little longer! :)
    Your sketches are beautiful. You are very talented. Hugs Barbara

  12. Lovely floral sketches of your flowers! Painting them is a wonderful way of sharing them. Yes, another month is nearly over. Time is really flying by so quickly. We need days where we can just stop and enjoy what is in front of us. Have a great week, Debbie.

  13. Those are beautiful sketches, Debbie. This month has just flown by at the speed of light, or so it seems...



  14. Debbie-Your sketches are always so lovely and delicate. A deft hand!

    Enjoy the flowers. We had such an abundance of them this season that it was hard to know where to look:) Very beautiful and lucky.

    Hope your week is off to a good start.

  15. Good day Debbie, As always your sweet florals brightened my day.

  16. Hola Debbie, Sus trabajos son exquisitos, sencillos y llenos de vida, en ellos se puede deducir el amor a la Naturaleza, y la felicidad de estar viviendo rodeado de esas maravillas naturales. Muy buen fin de junio y buen comienzo de Julio. Mis saludos!!

  17. Your watercolors are so pretty, sweet and light, always really enjoy seeing your works ! Time is flying , having a hard time believing it myself how fast it goes !

  18. Well done, Debbie. Your flower paintings get more and more beautiful. If you take pictures of them, they would make up a wonderful little photo book. Yes, June flew by, let's hope the rest of the summer slows down a bit. :)

  19. Bonjour chère amie,

    J'aime tant le mois de juin que je suis triste de m'apercevoir qu'il s'achève déjà !...
    J'adore vos adorables fleurs. Un joli carnet de croquis. Merci pour ce délicieux partage.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  20. Beautiful paintings-such a lovely way to store up these days for later!

  21. They are sensitive and delicate and spiritual, you flower paintings...I'm not surprised....Yes, where did June go?

  22. I could do without July and August, and happily enjoy 3 months of JUNE instead. Love Micron pens. Beautiful work Debbie!

  23. I think you are a whiz with that micro pen. Your botanicals are a wonder with all the important parts beautifully rendered. Then, a complete switch into the watercolor washes with soft blends and lovely colors. Not everyone has that range of ability. Thanks for the heads up on the Watercolor book. I will try it.
    July goes really fast - usually. Let is both really enjoy it.
    Blessings and happy days,

  24. I'm wondering the same thing--where did June go? Looks like you're putting the beautiful summer days to good use by sketching flowers. :)


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