Hope - My Perfect Word

This year "Hope" became my perfect word.

In a previous post written January 13, 2013 I shared author Debbie Macomber's practice of selecting a special word for the new year.

"Kindness" was going to be mine but "Hope" kept appearing in a variety of ways and means.   Apparently this was to be my selection.

Webster's Thesaurus describes "Hope" as  anticipation, aspiration, assurance, belief, desire, expectancy, expectation, confidence, faith, optimism, prospect, trust.

Legendary positive thinker Norman Vincent Peale wrote an article in 1987 "Let Hope Light Your Way".

He pointed out that wishing and hope are not the same thing.   Wishing differs in the fact that often when one wishes for something they do not believe it will come to be.   Whereas "hope" holds that special ingredient - expectancy.  It says that the desired outcome can happen.

The apostle Paul wrote in Romans 5:4 "And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us."

Friends it is my "hope" that no matter what difficult circumstances and challenges each of us may be facing - we will come through - we will emerge stronger - we will be filled with hope for a blessed 2017.

Hugs Debbie


  1. Lovely, lovely post. Thank you, Debbie, and thank you for the gorgeous photos!

  2. Debbie, this is such a lovely and touching post! And I absolutely love your beautiful photos! Happy New Year to you, and I wish you all the best in 2017...and always! :)

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  4. Hope is a wonderful word, and perfect for (my) new year! Thanks!

  5. Hi Debbie, thank you for such a lovely post. I wish for all your hopes to come true this year. You get a mention on my blog today. My hope is that you will like it. :-) Barbara x

  6. I think you will find that the word HOPE is agreed with everyone here. Beautiful photography Debbie!!!

  7. Great word Debbie! Hope is perfect.
    I hope you measure that large tree in the second photograph to see if it's a Champion tree for your state and/or the nation.

  8. Such inspiring words, Debbie. I hope we stay friends always.

  9. Wonderful message, Debbie, and so needed at this time. Hope also lifts aspirations and can initiate action. Let's hope positive outcomes arise.

  10. Hope is a good and positive word, good choice .

  11. Hello Debbie, I enjoyed visiting your blog and I think Hope is a great choice for this year. Hope for so many things in the world and our lives.
    I found your blog via Barbara's March House Books Blog post :D)

  12. HOPE - now that is a wonderful word to start the year with. Thank you, dearest Debbie, for your always uplifting posts. This one has such lovely photos as usual.
    My mother had embroidered the following on a beautiful piece of her mother's linen.
    Hope comes as a gift from God through Grace (2 Th 2:16).

  13. Beautiful Debbie! I've notice several people have shared a word for the year here and on instagram. I really like your selection. I think if I had to choose one word, it would be faith. Faith and hope are kindred spirits, don't you think? Sending you wishes for a wonderful 2017. Hugs, Bonnie

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  15. Let's hope for the best is all anybody can ask for. I simply love your words and I wish , yes I still wish , that this New Year will bring the positive in each of us. 😘 Hugs

  16. Beautiful snowy pictures and a perfect word choice, too. Happy New Year, Debbie!

  17. Lovely post, pictures, and word choice. Wishing you a hope-full 2017.

  18. Hope is such a wonderful word...can you imagine life without it? Thanks for starting off your posts for the year with such wonderful photos and words to live by. Wishing you a wonderful 2017 filled with hope!

  19. Lovely pick for 2017....Mine is 'steadfast love.' I kept coming across that phrase, and you know how it goes-something clicks, and that's your word. I always note somewhere in my Bible the word or phrase, and the year. It's been interesting to come across different words and the dates-Helps me remember all the goodness of the Lord....Here's hoping your new year is over flowing with blessings!

  20. Debbie, Hope is the perfect word and thought for 2017. Thank you for you wonderful photos and inspiring words.

  21. What a beautiful blog. And you are so right about hope. People get upset and scared about politics or anxious about the future, but we know that our hope is built on nothing less than His blood and righteousness. We need not worry about world events because of that hope.

    Take care! I found your blog on Barbara's March House blog favorites. (I'm Gently Mad feel free to visit my blog as well :) http://sharonhenning.blogspot.com

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  23. "Hope" and all of its attendant meanings is a great word to start the new year. Thank you as always for the inspiration:)

  24. Beautiful post Debbie, I enjoyed reading it. Hope is a wonderful word for 2017.


  25. Dear Debbie,
    First, thank you so much for your visit and kind thoughts. I always enjoy reading your words.
    This is such a beautiful post! The photos are breathtaking, but the words you have shared touch my heart. Hope.... Yes, may we all keep hope in our hearts daily.
    Wishing you the best, everyday.

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  27. I hope you have a wonderful new year Debbie. Marion x

  28. This is really beautiful, Debbie. I was so happy to find your comment on my blog, and I wish you a year filled with hope and peace. Best wishes. xo

  29. Bonjour ma chère amie,

    Que de bons voeux !
    Merci pour ton gentil message laissé sur mon blog.
    A mon tour, je te présente tous mes voeux les plus sincères. Que cette année soit à la hauteur de tes espérances. Pleine de petits et grands bonheurs à savourer chaque jour de l’année.

    Toute mon amitié.

    Gros bisous


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