Park Your Cares

Amish Farm near our home
Hope you will park your cares and take a  short country ride with hubby and I.

This vista seems like a good place to start.  Very simple and serene.

A country barn 

Here is a lovely spot to make a stop.

A  pasture field

Don't you love that butternut color?  It really seems to pop!

Horses Grazing

Those two seem to be enjoying this gorgeous day.

October Sky

How about the blue sky?
Don't those clouds look peaceful?

A fence row 

Nothing like fall colors to brighten a fence row.


Love this wooded glade.  We will be sure to return here.

So glad you joined us on our country ride.   Hope you left all your cares behind.

Have a blessed week.

Hugs Debbie


  1. Thanks for the lovely ride Debbie, I always look forward to visiting your part of the country. Never been disappointed as yet! I find nature so soothing specially at this time of the year when there's a little sun showing through. Days are getting shorter and shorter though, it makes me realize also that it's that time of the year again when fruitcakes have to be baked. Tradition is important! I hope you have a nice week , Hugs

  2. What a lovely drive, thank you (and your husband) for taking me along! I hope you have a wonderful week, Debbie.



  3. I really did, and I'm sure the air smells delicious! I am glad you enjoyed a beautiful day out. I wish you a great week!! Hugs, Debbie!

  4. Debbie,

    A lovely tour, thank you! When you show photos of your surrounding area I am always struck by how open things appear. There seems to be a lot of space. It's just so nice to see.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend. Thanks for the great post.

  5. Beautiful tour, thank you
    The rolling hills in Ohio are gorgeous and peaceful this time or year.

  6. Wonderful day for a ride. So pretty there.

  7. Good morning Debbie, such a lovely ride. I love the wonderful splashes of color that autumn brings to us. There is nothing better to make the transition from the heat of summer to the cold of winter; it's like a little gift from above.
    Enjoy your day!

  8. That is a wonderful ride, Debbie. Beautiful autumn colours!

  9. So pretty! I love this time of year, and love every part of it-the smells, the cooler weather, the colors, the sky-the fall food, the first snow. It's so amazing that God made trees so they'd change colors!!! How cool is that??????

  10. A lovely ride, Debbie. Made me miss the drives Mom and Dad, my brother and I and Grandma used to take through our countryside. We'd go periodically throughout the year, and appreciated the change of seasons like you did. Thanks for reminding me of a special time.

  11. Debbie, thanks for the little trip. Lovely photos of the countryside. It was so beautiful when we were riding through PA the other day. The colors were beautiful. I wanted to stop and paint.

  12. Hi Debbie. My husband and I made a day trip on Saturday to Adams County (West Union). Not sure if that's close to you or not? We visited an Amish home on "ranch business"! Didn't get any pictures, tho, a bit too overcast.

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  14. It is uncanny how much your surrounding countryside looks like mine. You can 't beat this season for beauty.

  15. Awesome photos Debbie! Wonderful colors everywhere we look!!!!

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  17. What a lovely trip to the country, thank you Deborah !

  18. Thanks for the beautiful ride. Hugs!

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  21. Hi Debbie! What beautiful fall colors! Loved going along for the ride! Sounds like the nice weather is going to continue for awhile. It's such a gorgeous time of year!

  22. What a beautiful area you live in. Glad you got to take the time to explore a little.

  23. Greetings,
    I saw your horses grazing photo at Barbara's.
    Love it. So serene.
    Have a great one.


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