Summer Treats

There are so many wonderful summer treats.

 Here are just a few favorites of mine.

Fresh lemonade...

the season's first picking of beans...

lovely fruits and veggies waiting to be preserved...

someone ready for a game of Frisbee...



Learning a new skill.

I am so glad you stopped to visit.  Enjoyed sharing some of my summer treats.    Hope you will share some of yours.    Have a great evening!


  1. You have quiet a lot of nature's bounty ready for picking. Nice!!! Good job on the calligraphy.

  2. Good treats. Frisbee!
    I love the design of the pitcher.

  3. Beautiful, Debbie. I love freshly squeezed lemonade, too! And the bounty of fresh fruits and veggies is wonderful!

  4. Hi Debbie
    I love your lemonade pitcher - perfect for homemade lemonade - I don't grow lemons, but can imagine picking your own and turning them into a delicious summer drink must be quite a thrill. And what a trug load of beans! My my that is a good haul.

    Love the calligraphy as well - such a skill to master.
    Sounds like you are having a good week.

  5. Beautiful moments of peace summer!
    Stop watching pictures brings me closer to your world where it seems so nice to live! After moments of concern, now came the serenity I hope so! Hugs, Rita.

  6. If that top photo isn't a still life waiting to happen, I do not know what is! I love your photos, your summer treats! Good for you in attempting to learn calligraphy! I bought a book and pens myself awhile back...lost all patience for the exercises (I wanted to dive right into letters!) and set it aside. That said, it is here when I am of a mood.

    Deb, can you send me an email? A blank one is fine. I went to write to you the other day and you weren't in my contacts (I thought you were). I tried a couple of weeks ago to send you an email through the email me link on your blog and you said you never got that one! I just want to save your email address in my contact list so I can email you at times. Thanks so much! (I think the only emails you've had from me are when I reply to one of yours! :(

  7. I would love to learn calligraphy, yours is looking great!

    I'm happy you are having a great summer, Debbie! You make me want to make a pitcher of fresh lemonade, why haven't I done it? The pitcher is beautiful. I love your fresh veggies...what time is dinner? :-)

  8. Same here and I love calligraphy.

  9. I love all of your garden treats, one of my favorite things this summer is tomato sandwiches with mayo. I love your calligraphy pages too, it brings back memories of when i was first learning and i took a couple of classes too, about 15 years ago, it would be sad to see calligraphy go out of style.
    So glad to see you are having a wonderful summer :)

  10. What an absolute beautiful post today.
    Thanks Debbie.

  11. I love fresh lemonaide too-it's yummy!

  12. Oh, I love fresh lemonade, and the pitcher is so pretty. That bowl of blackberries made my mouth water!



  13. Omg!! So can I come for dinner!!?? Looks awesome!!! Super super super!

  14. have lots of goodies from the garden! ours is a little slow this year. i'm jealous !!

  15. It's a good country life you live...all enriched with gratitude...Love the photos too...

  16. Love all of the above, especially the Lemonade. We drink it by the bucket all summer/ Thank you Debbie for your prayers on the return of my dear doggie. I can't tell you how I felt when I saw him, I have never been so surprised and thrilled and grateful!

  17. So sorry I have been away for so long. I read back through your posts, glad to hear your Mother is doing better. Summer has been beautiful, I'm glad you have been enjoying the bounty of the season. I always enjoy taking a look at your artwork and photos! Have a lovely weekend!

  18. I love your photos of summer still life, Debbie! I did some calligraphy years ago, it is a real art! Have fun!

  19. The image with the pitcher is a nice composition to paint. I wish we have a place to plant those vegetables. Green beans and courgette are some of my favorite. Thanks for sharing those images. God bless

  20. Hi Debbie! I'm glad you're mom's gonna be ok, I read your previous post! :)
    You're having a bountiful garden, as I can see. This is so rewarding and looks very appetizing. You have a beautiful subject all ready to be painted with your fruit pitcher. Enjoy your garden! Hugs

  21. Wonderful summer treats, Debbie. I've been enjoying a visit from an out-of-town friend, and we've treated ourselves to a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, chick flicks, good wine, ice cream and delicious cheese. In addition to jaunting all over the state visiting other friends. Happy summer!


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