Skunked and other happenings!

Phew!!  Look who got skunked.   One would think that an old dog would learn that certain woodland creatures should not be investigated.

Just a whiff and I knew my work was in place this morning.   In the past have used canned tomato juice but it has never quite done the trick for me.   Besides it takes gallons to do the job.    Since this method has dubious results decided to check out the internet.

Isn't cyber space wonderful??   Just typed in getting skunk odor out of dog and with a click E-How had a simple recipe.   All household items one would have on hand...vinegar (white)-baking soda, dish detergent (Dawn) and hydrogen peroxide.
It even told you how many applications to use and the real secret (don't wash the whole dog - only the spot or spots where he has been sprayed.  That way the skunk oil isn't spread all over).   Hurray it works.                                                                              
This one was in the mix of things.   Thankfully she managed to escape getting a stinky dose.
    Once the excitement died down the afternoon unfolded with a visit to a local car show.    The day was perfect for this event.

My favorite was a 1955 Crown Victoria.  How can one not love those headlights and all the chrome that glistens.  Now that is a car I would like to drive.   How about you?

Even found some time later in the day to work in a bit of sketching.

Glad you took time to stop by.   Hope you had a wonderful day too.    God Bless!


  1. Evening Debbie, Obviously, you had a busy morning....but I'm glad it turned out wonderful! I guess those loving pooches just can't help poodle Phoebe had a run in some years her right on the face!! It wasn't pretty...she kept rubbing her nose all the time! And for vintage cars...WOW...I love a 55,56, or 57 Chev!!(but I love an old pick-up too!) Blessings~~~Roxie

  2. Hi Debbie, wow, what an experience! I used to work in pet supplies (I managed a pet supply store that did not sell animals), and I remember counselling many customers on the skunk odor thing. So glad you found a remedy that worked for you! That smell is really difficult to get rid of. Love your photos!

  3. My two weenies both got sprayed twice. It was so strong, at first I didn't know what it was, then quickly realized what it was. Luckily, after the first time, I bought skunk wash at a pet store; I also used vinegar and baking soda. My horse also got sprayed, but Gracie had to stink for a few days. Hopefully, she learned her lesson.

  4. Oh, I hope the skunk survived the encounter. I'm so glad your dogs didn't get hurt and you could get the smell out!



  5. There is never a dull moment with your two friends!Beautiful car show, my husband would have loved it...and your sketch is beautiful!! Have a great day Debbie!

  6. Thank goodness we don't have skunks, sounds like it must be a terrible smell. And, yes, the internet is a life saver nowadays. Do dogs learn not to go near them again I wonder. Do love the big American cars big and small. Reminds me of old tv series and films.

  7. Ending with that photo makes me thinking one has not learned one's lesson! LOL Sounds like a fabulous day, Ms. Debbie. I love car shows and we had a big one in our neighborhood this weekend (Saturday). Do you it felt too hot for the idea of walking the streets and enjoying the cars? Yes, I am that miserable in the sun. But I sure do love old cars and would love to have one of these for my very own too. I do so miss those old bench seats.

  8. Poor fella -- and you too!! My kitties bother skunks every now and then -- sure makes a lasting odoriferous experience!

    Hope you have a great week -- scent free!

  9. This is never fun! Why do skunks have to smell so bad??! I've never had much luck with the tomato stuff either-glad your mix worked-I have read about that. There is a skunk here that likes to leave a nice little >puff< every morning, not too far from my open bedroom window. What a way to wake up!! :)
    BTW-I LOVE LOVE that drawing.

  10. eeewww! Poor puppy. Glad you were able to rid him of the odor easily enough!

  11. Hi, I'm so happy you could get rid of the odour. Poor pup !!
    We don't have skunks here, otherwise our dog our cat would have been stinking a lot too, being very curious ; )
    The car show looks wonderful.
    Have a great day.

  12. Oh dear that last photo looks like someone is heading back into the woods to look for more skunk.....! I hope not for your sake. Thank goodness for the internet. That would have been a lot of tomato juice! Love the cars and your sketch. The rabbit who keeps invading my veggie garden would love that sketch too! Smiles and happy times, Sharon

  13. Glad you found a good remedy! The car show looks like fun...and a great place to sketch. Thanks for sharing the photos. Have a great day!

  14. Oh dear Debbie. The hazards of living in the US and in the countryside at that perhaps. We don't have them thankfully. Though possibly this post of yours shows how much of a towny I am. I only have two of those products on your list in the house. It really is lucky we don't have skunk problems, I would have to resort to tomato juice. Not that I drink that either. Well it would have to be tinned tomatoes then. hahaha ;-) I am so glad you sorted him out in the end. Poor thing.

  15. Poor dog! Hope she isn't going back into the woods, might get the same treatment again! I've been busy getting lessons ready for Claire. Have a great week!

  16. Poor puppy......nothing worse to humans and dogs than a skunk. Glad the odor came off him LOL...never a dull moment with kids and dogs. :) There are a lot of car shows around here this weekend. Always fun to look at the cars.

  17. I prefer the cars to cleaning skunk off the dear dog.
    Where was Shelby in all this excitement?

  18. So sorry for your dog Debbie! I know what he went through as I've been skunkek also when I went camping once. Ithought the smell followed me for weeks.
    As for these old cars, they're all favorite of mine compared to the new models with no character whatsoever. Nice drawing! Happy day Debbie

  19. Ugh! What a nasty encounter for your pooches! Hopefully Shelby learned a lesson from this too! I've heard about the hydrogen peroxide mix, glad it worked! Pets really know how to liven up things don't they!! Glad you had a little time left for some R&R!

  20. Love the beautiful photograph on your header, a magical moment catching the rays of the sun.
    Thank you for visiting and your lovely comments. I have just been catching up and glad to see you found time to sketch in your busy days.
    Hope you enjoy your weekend. Raining here and feeling like Autumn, we have a warm cosy fire and I am visiting some blogs to say hello.


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