I am thankful for summer's bounty...
A face that makes me smile...


Hollyhocks against a blue sky...

Berries growing in the hedgerow

A mischievous playmate...

      and time to create!

Thank you for stopping by to say "Hi"!   Have a great day.


  1. And we are all thankful to see your blog entries. Nice photos and painting. Enjoy the wonderful day...or evening now.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Love seeing your photos

  3. I just love your pastel work! And your list of reasons to be thankful are wonderful and I too am thankful for all of them!!

  4. hello debbie,
    beautiful hollyhock,too and your have a grandios color.

    have a sweet day,

  5. Thank you for your thankful's always good to be reminded of so MUCH to be thankful for-the little and big things....

  6. Wonderful !! That is a lot to be thankful about ; ) That face would make me smile too !!
    What a fabulous new creating.
    God Bless

  7. We have so many things to be thankful for.

  8. Thank you Debbie for this nice post. For me, it is a sort of a reminder to all of us to be thankful for the many things we have in life - little or big things.
    Love your painting and the contrast of colors in it.

  9. Debbie, love your art and beautiful photos! I am craving those green beans and berries!! Some days I really miss the country life! Take care. ~ Diane

  10. Hi Debbie, what a lovely post! I love the art, the dog and the cat. And everything else. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Hi Debbie! Those green beans and berries look soooo delish!! I didn't get to plant beans this year because of the move but I have several heirloom tomatoes ready to be picked soon! Can't wait! mmmmmm- I can smell those beans a cooking! I adore those hollyhocks--I love the old-fashioned kind! Thanks for the sweet comments....Hubby is adorable and I'm glad you got a kick out of it!! Blessings~~~think of me when eatin' them beans! lol! Roxie

  12. Hi Debbie,
    What a lovely uplifting post !
    Glad you are counting your blessings ... and it looks like you have some really good ones there.

  13. Lovely painting Debbie! We are so blessed with everything, we must be thankful and be more generous with the unfortunate. Hugs

  14. I love the way you composed your blog today. You have a lot to be thankful for and i am glad you included your art work. :)

  15. Beautiful photos, love the one of the marmalade kitty! I find the more I count my blessings, the more blessings I have to count...



  16. Ah ha! You snuck your painting in there at the end! It's beautiful! And it goes well with the photos you posted. That one picture of the green beans, white bowl, red cloth... has all the makings of an awesome still life! I wish that were MY kitchen counter right now!


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