Finding the time!

 It has been a challenge finding the time to paint these past few weeks.
The garden needs so much attention this time of the year.
Now that everything is planted, weeded and mulched the brushes can get busy.
Garden Journal
These two pages were quickly sketched the last day of May.
I picked some multi-flora rose growing in our field.   It has a sweet fragrance and makes a great subject for sketching.
Looking forward to adding a few more pages in June to the garden journal.
Hope all of you are finding time to do the things you love.
Thanks for stopping by.   God bless!



  1. These are both SO beautiful! The journal page was absolutely enchanting but then when I saw the little floral painting, an "Oh wow" escaped! Your love for those flowers is evident in your work, it just emanates that feeling!

  2. They are absolutely beautiful, Debbie! The floral painting really took my breath away.

  3. I really love your last watercolor, absolutely beautiful colors! Like a breath of fresh air, gorgeous ! You are right it can be very hard to find the time to do what you love most , specially when you love to do so many different things :-)) Yesterday I spent the day 'building' a trelly for my ivy just using dry branches , it actually looks quite nice, very natural....and very ecological. Have a nice day.

  4. Debbie, your art is always so beautiful and today is no exception. I love the whole idea of a garden journal too.

  5. Hi Debbie

    Love the watercolour and the journal page! If I find the time today I am going to work in mine. I just adore garden journals.

  6. Since returning on Sat. catching up on blogs. Yours was the first and oh so glad I did.
    It always greets me with such tranquility and peace, not to mention your lovely paintings.

  7. Your sketches are wonderful Debbie. We have a rock garden in front of our house and I understand how much care is needed. One of the things we are doing to start to minimize that needed care is replace plantings with interesting flat stones so that as the years go by and we are too old to work in the garden all we will have left is some pretty stones and plants that need very, very little to no care. We added a miniature forsythia bush and some spreading things that are working out nicely.
    Always a pleasure to stop and visit your blog. Have a great week!

  8. A garden journal sounds like such a sweet idea. I am sure that yours is looking lovely.

  9. I love the journal sketches. How great that you can keep a garden journal. I love that painting at the bottom.

    I have to be happy with my planters on my front patio since I don't have a garden. But I do like enjoying the colors of my flowers and the taste of my basil!

  10. I love your garden journal! I hope you find a lot of time to paint this summer!!!

  11. The sketches are beautiful, I think the one at the bottom is my favorite. So pretty!



  12. Morning Debbie, I have to say your garden journal sketches are should sell those if you already don't! Even tho, I don't garden like I use to, it is still a favorite thing for me to do and I love garden books~~old, new and unique! What a beautiful thing to pass down...Blessings~~~Roxie

  13. I really like and admire your garden journal, what a keepsake that will be for some lucky person. I always have about 5 journals going at once for story ideas, building ideas, garden ideas, and on and on. BUT, i never paint in them, just draw. Yours are so much nicer and tidier than mine will ever be.I know about the garden chores, oh, it is difficult to stay inside these days!

  14. I think I have said this before...but I LOVE your garden journal.

  15. beautiful, is this journal just from your garden.. how lovely. Debbie,God Bless you too Dear. you are a blessing to me,love,Diana

  16. The multi-flora rose you painted in your book is a beautiful botanical reference and the painting of the hummingbird has me in awe at its beauty. You can do detail or softness equally well.

  17. Such a lovely painting, dear friend.

  18. Hi Debbie! It's a delight looking at your work, always artful and touching. Such a pleasure to be able to enjoy one's garden. Have a restful weekend.


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