A Memorable Corner

 When I was small my mom had a corner hutch in the dining room.
I became very familiar with that place.   Unfortunately it was not my favorite spot.   Far too many minutes were spent sitting on a chair facing that hutch.  It was where I was sent when I needed to think about my unruly actions.   There was quite a bit of pouting and contemplation that went on in that corner.   I was certain that Mom was wrong.  Naturally she was not.
By the time my baby brother was old enough for that particular punishment the area was but a faded memory.    The dining room had been remodeled into a large kitchen and cupboards covered the corner.    How fortunate for him! 
Well that has been over fifty years ago and many moons have come and gone.   There may be no  hutch in my dining room but there is a corner spot.   The chair faces outward but it can easily be turned about.    There are just times when one might need to sit and pout. 
Thanks for visiting my memorable corner.
God Bless!


  1. We had to sit in the corner too... but on the floor. You have created a comfy, reading and resting area which happens to look beautiful, too.

  2. That's a beautiful corner, Debbie!



  3. I love your pretty corner, and your fun memory.

  4. We had to stand in the corner too...as did my daughters...as do their kids. Nope not fun. I don't remember thinking anything but the injustice of it all! LOL

  5. We had a chair in the living room for the same reason. lol Your corner would make a nice painting. Enjoy the day!!!

  6. What a pretty pouting corner you have! I agree-it would make lovely painting. And a very nice cat-seat...

  7. What a cute memory. Ah yes, sometimes we all need some time to sit and pout :)

  8. Your corner reminded me of Gran,My husbands mother. Where she sat each morning to read her Bible in the summer on her porch. A white wicker rocker was her chair too... love to you ,Diana... now we had a door knob, my Mother would tie our loose teeth to and then slam the door..ooohh..

  9. I would love to have a corner to just sit. It would be very hard to pout long in this cute of a space. :)

  10. Pout or ponder! I adore your corner.

  11. It certainly looks cozy and comforting. A little jungle-y too in fact! A perfect place to curl up with a book :)


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