Reaping the Harvest

I am in the midst of reaping the harvest.   It is hard to imagine that just a few short weeks ago these tomatoes were small blossoms of yellow.   Now they are sweet juicy fruits waiting to be made into sauce.  

The Zucchini  has done well in spite of our dry weather.   Plenty for pickles and relish.
      Summer's hard work has given its reward.
The garden constantly teaches me about life.   It shows me that one does reap what is sown.  Whatever I plant, fertilize, water and give room to grow in my heart will be the fruit I bear and harvest for the coming season.   Hope I have planted well.
 May your harvest be bountiful - have a blessed day!   


  1. I've never had zucchini pickles; they look fabulous in the jar. And look at that spaghetti sauce! Looks divine! You'll be well put up for the coming winter, yes?

  2. Lucky you. My tomatoes are dwindling.

  3. Well look at you Chef Deb.
    What a sight !! Beautiful, !
    hugs xo BJ

  4. What a beautiful harvest. Your photo would make a beautiful painting!

  5. What a great crop. Our little garden is too small for planting anything except flowers.

  6. Lots of lovely produce to enjoy. Your sunflowers are beautiful too. And I have noticed some of your paintings and sketches amongst the posts, your artwork reflects the lovely things around you.
    I can see you have wonderful cooking skills passed on from your mum, enjoyed the storage jar story, nice to be putting them to good use.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Oh everything looks yummy. I had put off picking my zucchinis until to day and flowers to as I wanted them for the weekend. You can imagine my surprise when I went to the garden and found it trampled all zukes have eaten and my flower heads all nibbled off. The fence broken and all of Teddy's carrots pulled and tossed about. Teddy my Bichon loves carrots so he and I plant his carrot patch every year. It was either a huge elk or a bear as the tracks were enormous. I am thinking bear. Not to happy about this. Guess I'll put the garden to bed for this year. Have a great weekend.

  8. Your blog is like a garden.
    I relish reading each wonderful post.
    The cat and Shepard photograph is outstanding.

  9. You'are a busy lady. I can see that you enjoy cooking. God bless.

  10. Your veggies look wonderful! I need to put some tomatoes away soon! I am very behind but I still have plenty! I think your dog and cat are so sweet there together! Have a great week! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

  11. Wow, I really admire your canning and preserving ability. I have never done much of that myself (I always helped my Mom can back on the farm though.) I think you mentioned once that my kitty looked a lot like yours, I agree, with one exception, your cat looks slim and my cat is fat!


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