A glimpse of heaven

I caught a glimpse of heaven today.    It was so lovely I had to share!  
The morning was cool and the dew heavy.   Fog lay thick in the valley.

 As the sun rose the clouds moved aside.

Then suddenly there was light.    A piece of heaven seemed to fall from the sky.   The wonder of it took my breath away.    What a glorious dawn!  What a lovely beginning of a day!
So glad I took some time to look up.   Hope you  enjoyed my glimpse of heaven.  Have a great week!  


  1. Awesome - in the true meaning of the word.
    Thank you for taking these pics and for showing them to us. In a million years I'd never create anything as beautiful as this. xx

  2. I'll bet this is what it looked like to Noah as the waters began to recede too. Beautiful, Debbie. I need to remember to look up more myself.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing that gorgeous morning scene!!

  4. Debbie, this is the kind of moment that is almost unbeatable.
    When I see something like this I almost stop breathing.
    thank you for sharing .. I have one to share if I can find it.... BJ

  5. Beautiful photos

    I'm in the process of deciding on a sky for a painting done from an old photograph taken in summer.
    After seeing your lovely photos of fog, I'm having new ideas.

  6. That was really gorgeous..thanks for sharing that beautiful sky.

  7. I agree with you - you really did catch a glimpse of heaven. It's wonderful when that happens.

  8. Such extraordinary (sp?) photos!!! They are really beautiful. I've heard that painters take good photos-you proved that!
    Looking at them made me wonder~how can anyone really believe there is no God?

  9. Hi Debbie. Wow you've been busy recently. I've just been catching up. Just love those new neighbours of yours. Boy would I love to get my brushes around those characters. All that bottled food is making me hungry too and these skies are just so beautiful to behold. Take care and don't forget to have some 'you' time too amongst all this busy stuff if you can. xx

  10. it is Debbie, and thank you for helping me see it! love to you,Diana

  11. These are just gorgeous!!!! Thanks for sharing these!

  12. It does look like the way I imagine heaven! Glorious!


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