It Was Time for...

It was time for tea - time to celebrate life - time for a little party.  I have the blessing of working with three wonderful people - my boss and two great gals. We have a great deal of fun together.   I consider them my friends .

I routinely bake on Friday's and take it into work . It is something I enjoy doing.  The  menu changes from week to week - sometimes it is pie, a brownie, cookie or a cake - depends on the season or how busy I am.   Generally it is a sweet of some sort.

This Friday found us girls on our own . (Boss out of town).  Hence a "girlie " affair seemed in order.

I gathered the fine china - selected linen napkins - polished the tea pot - purchased some "Earl Grey"   -  baked up Lemon Poppy Seed Scones and stirred up a bit of lemon curd.  (Anyone who wants this recipe - just email me and I will share it - if you like biscuits you will love scones.)

The girls appreciated having something different, something a little special.  What is it about drinking tea from a porcelain cup that makes one feel like a princess?

Coffee is wonderful but tea seems more restful - it is a beverage for an "ah!" moment.  Think I need to get out the china and brew a spot of tea a little more often.  I did not realize what I had been missing.

 I will be sure to have my tea pot polished for your next visit.   Take care and God Bless!



  1. Now that sounds like a wonderful Friday special moment. You'd be great to work with!!

  2. OMG Debbie! How wonderful is this? I love it!

  3. Can I come to work with you on Fridays. What fun and oh I love scones. Tea is special and Earl the best. Yum. By the way the Inktense are great ,very intense colors and permanent when dry. So one must work fast for any changes.

  4. Have enjoyed looking at all the photos on your blog..what a lovely name for where you live..harmony hills. I too was drinking earl grey outside in the sun from a little teapot as we are having a heatwave here now

  5. Oh this is a lovely post...

  6. I am not much of a tea drinker though I do love the flavoured teas like apple-cinnamon and so on. I loved your 'girlie' moment. Those are always so special.

  7. Another beautiful post. I would love to have tea with you-I'm a huge fan of scones and yours sound wonderful.

  8. Hi, that looks so wonderful !! I'm sure they enjoyed it immensely ; )
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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