Not just one but two...

Not just one but two legacies are planted in my garden.  They are from each grandmother.  The White peony is my paternal grandma's and the pink is the other.  Father's mother I never knew - she passed away the year I was born.   Mother's mom I knew well.   As I mentioned in an older post I still think of her often.

Both of these ladies shared similar interests.   They loved to cook and bake - they sewed (who didn't back then)  and obviously they loved flowers.

The peonies are amazing. They live extremely long.  The white one I have is over 70 years old.   It grew at the family farm near the outhouse (yes we had one of those - it no longer remains except in  memory).  The pink one came from Grandma M.   When she moved from her home she gave me a start.  It has to be over a half a century in age.  They mean so much.  They represent a heritage passed down through time.

This past week I visited these dear souls' resting places. I wanted to pay respect.  I planted some flowers on their graves.  I wanted to say thank you .  One grandma rocked me to sleep - sang lullabyes - baked cookies - sewed my dresses and cared for this child so well.   The other gave me a wonderful father who has shared his memories of her.

Tomorrow in America we will remember our fallen soldiers and all who gave of their lives. There are so many who died that I might be free.   I am so grateful for their sacrifice.

When I stop to give thanks for those brave men and women I will be thinking about my grandmothers as well.   Their legacy lives on not only in the garden but in my heart.

I must go for now.   I have a couple of flowers to pick and bring in.  They will look lovely together  in a vase.

May all of you be blessed with a legacy or two.  Have a Great Day!


  1. Beautiful flowers to remind you of two beautiful women. Some of my sweetest memories are from my grandmother's flower gardens.

  2. What exquisite memories to go along with exquisite flowers. Neither of my grandmothers were into sewing, baking, or gardening.

  3. I love peonies too-I have some from a neighbor's yard-he has since passed away-but he was in the Air Force and served in WWII-so fitting that peonies are a 'remembrance flower.'
    Loved reading your memories of your grandma-I have my own as well.
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  4. I absolutely love peonies. They are gorgeous and have the most wonderful scent and so generous with their blooms. Beautiful stories and such a sensitive post as well as a tribute to our brave military men and women.

  5. What a beautiful post. I have the very same memories of my maternal grandmother. She did so much for me and I miss her so much. But she lives on in my memory. I love the story about the peonies. And thanks so much for your lovely comments on my latest post. They mean so much to me.

  6. Beautiful flowers and a beautiful story!

  7. peonies from your grandmas...soooo special!! i love peonies so much, perhaps my favorite spring flower (until something else starts to bloom, he he) thank you so much for stopping by my bloggy today! i am following you now (number 20...another favorite).
    happy day to you,

  8. What a beautiful remembrance of your Grandmothers. Peonies are hardy, carefree and extremely long lived. I guess that's why so many are planted graveside. Beautiful photos!


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