Color my World Green...

The color of my world is green today - tomorrow according to the weather forecast it may be white!    Ah just when we thought winter was done with us. 

Quiet weekend here at Harmony Hills.   I had some time in my studio and was able to work on a pen and ink with watercolor wash.

I am not quite finished with it - need to bring out the violets a bit in some spots and add just a shade more burnt orange on the body of the butterfly - working with greens is always a bit difficult for me. (As I stated a few posts back).   Thought I would try using a bit of a different combo this time.  I chose to mix phthalo blue with Hansa Yellow light for a cooler shade of green as well as a bit of phthalo green mixed with gold quinacridone for a warmer green.

Violets are one of my favorite posies.   They make me think of spring, woodlands. and the wee ones that inhabit the places they thrive.  Speaking of places for the wee ones to live - check out this hollow.    The pileated woodpeckers are here for a visit.  They are busy creating a magical place for woodland creatures to live.   I just wish they were not doing it in my yard.  Does look like a good nook for something small to curl up and hide.  If I see anything with wings flitting to and fro I will let you know.
Thanks for stopping by - hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.   God Bless!

PS - let me know if you see any tiny folks hiding in your trees!


  1. Debbie, I think this is a beautiful watercolor, gorgeous colors and perfect composition. Oh to paint like this! I'm amazed to learn that the woodpecker makes this kind of damage to a tree trunk!

  2. I love your watercolor. So delicate. Enjoyed looking at your post. Love your kitties too.

  3. Your watercolor painting is so sweet and beautiful. I especially like those little 'bleeding heart' flowers hanging off the side. I just planted two of those in my back yard. I don't know if it will be too hot here in TX for them but I thought I would try them out.

  4. I adore your painting here. I chose a Bleeding heart as my profile pic as they are so beautiful. The colour and composition are just right and the blue butterfly gives real wow!!

  5. Dear Sketchbook Squirrel - thank you for yor kind words - your work is truly beautiful - I do so love the bleeding hearts - of course I have not met a flower I don't love but have favorites.


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