The Gift

Welcome back to Harmony Hills.  In my first post  I wrote about my deep friendship with my mentor and teacher.   With her special permission she agreed to let me post a picture of her lovely watercolor painting.  It was one she painted as a gift for me.  I have it hanging in the foyer area of my home where I can see it every day.

Perhaps when you view it you will understand why I wanted to take up watercolors.   Her work is and always has been such an inspiration to me.  I once told her I learned more about painting watching her paint.  She has a magical way of seeing things and her paintings always speak to my heart.   There is something very spiritual in her work.   I know this photo will not do justice to the actual art itself but hope you will get a glimpse of the talent of this wonderful lady.

Hats off to my dear friend.   God bless You !


  1. SO very beautiful and with so much feeling. Love,Diana

    1. So glad you loved it - I will pass your comment onto my friend.


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