Crocus - Snowdrops - Spring

Yes the crocus are blooming at Harmony Hills.   The snowdrops have been out there braving the winter all by themselves but now they have company.   I always love to see these spring harbingers.

Perhaps we are like the crocus all closed up while winter hits us. Then when the sun comes out we unfurl our petals and let the Creator's love warm us and give us hope.   Who hasn't experienced the season of winter in their soul?   Then suddenly there comes a day when the light comes into us and warms us and we once again are filled with joy.  

Today was one of those days for me - I do so love spring and before I ever picked up a brush or pencil I passionately loved flowers.   My mom has a picture of me picking pansies when I could have only been two or so.   My love affair with blossoms started early and it has remained so for 50 some years.

In the beginning when I discovered I loved doing art.  I really wanted to be able to paint flowers.  They are  a loving gift from our Heavenly Father.   He sends them to us in so many wonderful colors and then romances us with their heady perfume. So for all those of you who love them may you enjoy their bliss this spring.

First Crocus of the Season
Hope these photos bring you a bit of joy today.

I've been working on the spring watercolor floral  that I posted back a while.   Plan to share an update next post.

May God's love warm all of you this night . God bless you and come back to visit soon.


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