Flowers may freeze!

Like all gardeners I am following the weather closely.   The forecast for Monday night looks as if it may freeze.   All my darlings are blooming so well.  My favorite Virginia Bluebells are just coming out to play.  I am not sure they are tough enough to withstand 28 degrees.   They generally do not start to bloom until the middle of April.   Perhaps the woods will give them some protection from the cold.

Sarge and I went for our walk with the camera after church.  The sun visited us a bit so I was able to get a few pictures while everything looked lovely.

When my hubby and I built our home over thirty years ago we decided to keep things as natural as possible.   In some ways that has been great.  There is a great deal of maintenance needed to keep things under control.    It is a good thing I love the wild look. 


Hope you enjoyed your visit to Harmony Hills. 
May God Bless all of you with pleasant dreams.


  1. Your garden looks beautiful. It looks so natural and I am sure the birds love it too. It is worrying how early everything is flowering, same here as we are having such a warm spell.
    Thanks for your lovely comment. millyx

  2. thanking you for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment. what a lovely garden! (and charming watercolors too)
    hope everything survived the freeze!

  3. Hi Debbie,

    Gorgeous photos... my Virginia Bluebells are in bloom too! So glad you stopped by my blog for a visit and hope you'll come again (even though I'm not posting as often these days).

    1. I can understand why with that new baby grandson - hope he is doing well. Thanks for visiting.


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