The Other Man in My Life

I have a confession I have another man in my life.   His name is Sarge.  I love him dearly.   He is the perfect companion.   When I want to go for a walk so does he.   If I want to sit outside for hours sketching or gardening - he is near by.  He always wants to please me.  Thank goodness my husband is not the jealous type.  In fact I think he really appreciates that Sarge takes pride in protecting me when he is not around.   Sarge is four legged and the most beautiful german shepherd you would ever want to meet.   He will be nine this fall.    I have had him since he was 8 weeks old.  There have been some wonderful dogs in my life but Sarge is the best. 

Love the line in " Bridges of Madison County" where  Clint Eastwood says to Meryl Streep, (not sure I am quoting exactly) "this kind of certainy only comes once in a lifetime".  That captures my feelings where Sarge is concerned.   I am certain I will never love another dog like I love him.

Been busy mowing yard this evening.   I believe this is the earliest my hubby and I have ever mowed.   The grass is so green and it is growing like crazy.

Finished a card for a friend at my church.   She just recently lost her husband.  She  also just found out her job will be gone in just a few short weeks.   I think she could use a bit of cheer.  

Speaking of cheer I hope that all of you reading my blog are getting a bit of it as well.   May God bless you all until next time!


  1. Hi Debbie--thanks for leaving a message on my blog, so I could find yours! I can see why you are so smitten with Sarge. He is quite the handsome guy, and it sounds like he's perfectly attentive, too.

    Your watercolor card is beautiful. I hope that it cheered your friend up some in this rough time in her life.

  2. Debbie, yes your post, your card and your Sarge have all brought me joy today.
    I know a bit about German Shepherds as my daughter was very active in owning, raising, rescuing and caring for them. They are beautiful animals.
    I recently had to part with my 17 year old Angie Girl. A mixed breed, you can see her on my blogs.
    I am heartbroken, and will never have another love like her. It does only come once in a lifetime for me...
    Thanks again for your post. and how nice of you to paint for your friend, hugs, BJ

  3. Sarge is indeed an handsome "man"! I used to have a Shepherd and always thought the breed was so very beautiful and intelligent. Love your card... very thoughtful of you :-)

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Your art is truly lovely.


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