Evening View - Storm Brewing

Went out after supper this evening to take a few photos.  A thunderstorm was brewing.  Seems strange this early in the season to have thunder and lightening.  Our weather is very strange indeed!  I tried to capture the sky and that certain light that comes when a storm is on its way.

Had four new shrubs to plant.  I hurried up and got them in the ground before the rain arrived.   My Mom bought me a Sweet Shrub.   It is an old fashioned bush that grew on the family farm.  They have an unusual flower but smell wonderful.  

Spent some time this evening in my studio playing around with Yupo Paper.   It is fun to work on a different type of surface.  This painting was done a few months ago.   Generally I start out putting down color and then wiping out where I want something to be.  The nice part about this paper is if you do not like something it is generally easy to wash off and start again.

The hummingbirds are one of my favorites to paint.   I cannot wait until they return .  It should not be too long.  Have a friend that is tracking them and it looks like they are due soon.   Will let you know when they get here.

Well time to say goodnight and sleep tight.   Thanks for stopping by to visit.   God Bless!


  1. I must try this Yupo paper. Looks interesting and I love Hummingbirds too.
    I live on Hummingbird Place. !!! True!
    BJ Debbie your top post with the storm brewing is so picturesque. BJ

  2. I love the name (I assume it is your street) of your place. Hummingbirds are my favorite with chickadee taking second. Thanks so very much for stopping by. Love Debbie


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