The Birds are Singing Spring - Spring - Spring

The birds have been singing their spring songs.  Have any of you noticed how different they sound once the weather starts to warm?  I love to hear the birds in the mornings.  Today I think they knew the time was changing. Seemed like their chorus was even louder as the sun started to come up.

I picked some pussy willows and forsythia this afternoon to bring indoors.   Once the forsythia gets inside for a few days it should open up.   The willows are already out.

I am amazed how fast the willow bush turned into a tree.   It was just a twig when I planted it and now look - it is really large.  May have to give it a serious haircut once it is done blooming.

This is an update of my floral painting.  Darkened the background a bit but am still working with it.   I am going to set it aside for a bit and then perhaps with a fresh eye I will see what it needs.  It is so very easy to overwork watercolors. 

In the meantime I did a different version in mixed media.   It is much more illustrative.  This one I used pen and ink and watercolor with a bit of colored pencil thrown in.  Still have some finishing touches I want to do.

My hubby preferred this one and I trust his judgement.   He is always honest with me.  What a blessing he is.

Hope you enjoyed your visit today - stop back soon.   God Bless!


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