Thursday, June 20, 2024

Heat Wave

 In spite of the persistent heat wave these tender poppies continue to bloom.   I had always read that they prefer cool weather but they are still bravely popping up and bringing us some lovely color.  

The black raspberries don't seem to mind the hotter days...they in fact appear to be ripening faster than usual.

  When it gets too hot to be outdoors - I spend time in the studio sketching.

Praying we get some rain soon and things will cool down a bit.

Even this little fella seems to have decided it was just too warm to scurry about.  Caught him just resting on the chair in the late morning.

Well to everyone - hope you are having a delightful week.  



"In the heavens he has pitched a tent for the sun...It rises at one end of the heavens and makes its circuit to the other; nothing is hidden from its heat."  Psalm 19: 4b - 6   (NIV)


  1. Beautiful poppies. I haven't seen pink ones before. I hope we all get a break from this "heat dome." I really can't complain because we have had a nice breeze, so it is OK if you are in the shade. Stay cool, my friend!

  2. The poppies are beautiful and the berries look delicious.
    It's been really hot here as well and I'm waiting for some cooler temps.

  3. Your poppies are beautiful. I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing a heat wave. You and the little furry one are wise to take things easier during it. I loved the peek into your sketchbook, Debbie! Hope the rains come soon for you. Happy Friday!

  4. Beautiful!! I esp. admire your sketching. Reminds me of the Edwardian Lady's journal! What a beautiful way to keep cool! I'm still waiting for my poppies to bloom, and your raspberries look scrumptious! and the Bible verse is very fitting in heat-steeped Ontario today!

  5. Your chipmunk looks like he's "splooting"--flattening out to cool off his body. Hope you both stay cool during the heat of summer!

  6. Chip has given in to the heat by the look of it. Stay cool. Hope you get rain soon.

  7. Very different weather here in Europe. We've been having weeks of rain and cool weather. In other countries lots of flooding, but thankfully not in the Netherlands. But the rain causes trouble for farmers, the ground is too wet for growing things. We could use some of your sunshine!
    Have a good week! Hugs!

  8. It's been pretty warm here too, Debbie. The raspberries look Yummy. Can't believe there's so many of them! I just bought some blackberries at the store, and fruit can be expensive these days. That's nice that you have been sketching lately. You have a talent with that for sure.

    Try to stay cool, and have a blessed weekend, Debbie.


  9. Love the photos and really love the sketches. Warms my heart.

  10. Hot here the last few days too. Today is much more comfortable, I hope it is for you. It is so lovely to see your sketchbook pages, there is something so utterly gorgeous about sepia ink pen drawings. Best wishes.

  11. Oh, yes, too hot and dry right now - we need a good soaking rain. But the poppies and the blackberries = wow! And love your sketches. It’s wonderful that we can stay inside where it’s cool and don’t have to scurry for our food like the little chipmunk (although mine are spoiled with peanuts set out for them at my house). Take care, stay safe and let’s all dance in the rain when it comes! - Rhonda Carpenter

  12. I bet the cool metal is a relief for that chipmunk.
    Have a happy summer!


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