Monday, June 5, 2023

In the Midst

 We are in the midst of one of the driest springs in 16 years.  Everything is needing water especially the crops.

In spite of the lack of rain the peonies are blooming.

Even the rose is doing its best to make a show. 

When a drought comes I have found it is best to water well near the root system.  The plants have something to drink under the surface.  Overhead watering tends to just make the roots come to the top and not go deeper.

I too at times have dry periods.  Like plants I need a deeper drink instead of an overhead shower.   

In order to grow and flourish a good root system is needed.  That means being watered deeply is important.

Spending time reflecting on the goodness of God and being grateful for His blessings is what gets me through those arid seasons in life.  It makes my roots go deeper and I get closer to the "Living Water". 

  I know that some of you may be in the midst of a dry time..."keep looking up".

God Bless


" If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.  Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him."  John 7:37b & 38 (NIV)       


  1. despite of the lack of water spring is flourishing in your area magnificently dear Debbie .
    hope it rains soon amen

  2. Good point!
    I add a plastic straw near some plants to get the water deeper to the roots.

  3. Very nice photos, the drought is worldwide Debbie, the so named climate change, around here is much worse.
    We all also personally go through periods of drought I usually say that when I can not paint, my ideas dry up, but it is the law of life.
    Happy week.
    Best regards

  4. beautiful post! I found that out too-better to water right on top of the soil under the plants opposed to watering on top-enjoy your week hugs

  5. I do hope you get some rain - your plants and flowers seem to be coming along. I haven't seen my mini roses pop up yet. We had a deep snowy Winter, and hope they survived. Your peonies are always so pretty. I loved your words about the dry period and keep looking up; they touched my heart. We are having rain this week, and last night we had the loudest thunder I've ever heard.

    I hope you have a pleasant June week, Debbie.


  6. I love your analogy about deep roots! So true! Oddly enough we had one of the wettest spings ever.

  7. Love your photos. Deep roots help us stay firm and strong. A little water goes a long way. Hope you get some rain soon. Are you feeling the effects of the smoke from the fires in Canada? Yesterday the smoke was so thick and the sky such an eerie yellow. It is a bit better today. Have a great weekend!

  8. We are dry here too. Hoping for a rain today. And better air quality too. I loved this post and it is very timely for me-the Scripture too.

  9. So true, Debbie. Hope your drought breaks soon. We're having one, too--not many afternoon showers.

  10. It seems to be getting drier here too. I am experimenting with growing some crops in sacks (old plastic dog food bags) it is economical for water and feed and means I can reuse them as they are tough and strong. They don't look pretty but the peas and beans don't seem to mind and the cucumber is in agreement so far. Too early to tell if the squashes will like it. There is an added bonus that I can move them if need be. Obviously I am very small scale growing its just something to keep me out of mischief ;o) I find gardening refills my well. Best wishes for a peaceful and productive week.


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