Sunday, September 18, 2022

Gentle Transition

 I often think that here in our part of the world September brings a gentle transition from summer to fall.

This week the autumn equinox arrives.  Already the days have grown shorter and the evenings cooler.

Misty mornings...

Orange pumpkins...

Golden sunflowers...

all these and so much more lead us gently from summer into fall.

Hope each of you are encountering a gentle transition of one season into the other.



"Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love."  Ephesians 4:2 (NIV) 


  1. Our transition from summer to autumn has been gentle around here. Still pleasant though much cooler now. While many plants in the garden are starting to die back some are still blooming their little hearts out. Lovely photos, Debbie!

  2. Lovely photos. Mmmmm. Our transition goes from hot to not so hot until the middle of October. :-)

  3. We are slowly moving towards autumn. Summer has been a wonderful extended time into September for us this year. Love your pictures. xo Diana

  4. It's hard to believe it's almost fall again. I love it though. Beautiful photos.

  5. Beautiful post, Debbie. I love that Bible verse, too. Happy Monday! Hugs!

  6. Beautiful photos, Debbie! Transition was quite sudden, from warm and sunny to cold and rain.

  7. I love the transition into autumn and to shorter, cozier days.

  8. Your fall transition looks so lovely. We are having slightly (and I mean SLIGHTLY) cooler weather, but the light looks different, so I know fall will come here, too, eventually.

  9. I'm glad you are having a peaceful transition into fall. As much as I like fall I always have a hard time giving up summer. In fact I went to the beach today for the last full day of summer. I guess I should get ready for fall since the temperatures are supposed to drop by about 20 degrees on Friday. Enjoy the rest of the transition!!

  10. I am loving all the little Fall goodies you are seeing around your area, Debbie, especially those orange pumpkins. I want to get one for my front porch soon. Misty mornings are so lovely, and the sunsets that you often see are simply beautiful. Enjoy these wonderful Fall days. They go by much too quickly. : )


  11. Nice photos Debbie, around here September is also usually that quiet month of transition once the hot, very hot summer has passed, the photo of the mists attracts me a lot, it is beautiful.
    Happy week.
    Best regards.


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