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Perfect Time

With 8-12 inches of snow in the forecast this makes the perfect time to settle in with something hot to drink and a good book.

Just finished "Rewired"- a true story about a raccoon, a woman and a doctor of great faith.

In fact Dr. Seth was a physician I seen several years ago before this book was written.

If you get a chance you can google this remarkable tale.  It took place in North Canton, Ohio.

The book was given to me from a family member who had just been to see him.  He had sent this signed copy with her.  (It can be purchased on Amazon.)  

The above stack of novels should keep me busy for several weeks.  I had been figuring that there just might be a need for some reading material with the weather forecaster warning that storm "Izzy" would be hitting us in a short time.  

Read a few pages of "The Orphan House".   It looks like it will be a page turner. 

Speaking of turning the page hope you will visit my blogging friend Sharon Wilfong at Gently Mad.  She is now on Word Press but you can follow the link on my side bar.  She shared last week four chapters of her new mystery.  Am looking forward to reading the entire book.  I have been following her for several years.  Her book reviews are always excellent and she is quite artist, a writer and a musician.   I am sure you will enjoy visiting her.


Well dear friends hope you have found something good to read this coming week whether you have snow or not.

Have a blessed week.



"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven."  Eccl. 3:1 (NIV)


  1. Some interesting books, Debbie! Stay warm!

  2. I see you prepare for snow the way I would: plenty of books to read! Stay safe and warm this week, Debbie.

  3. I will visit your friend. We have almost a foot of snow. It finally looks like winter though...Stay warm. Hugs!

  4. Sounds like the perfect time to read a good book with the weather being so cold, and you're getting lots of snow! Our snow has melted, but I'm sure that more is on the way. It's really cold though, in the 20's, so like you, I'm settling in, and doing things around the house. Your dog looks so cozy there sitting on the rug. What a cute photo. This sounds like a good book. Stay warm and bundle up, Debbie. January sure is a cold month. : )


  5. Oh I do wish I enjoyed reading as much as you, and lots of others. I'm okay if I ever get interested in a book but picking up the book in the first place is my problem. :) I love your beautiful dining room and your big beautiful dog.

  6. Looks like a good stack of books. I hope your electric is in still working if you got all the snow predicted.
    I have just read The Lost Spells by Robert MacFarlane and artist Jackie Morris. I highly recommend it.

    1. Lisa thanks for the recommendation. Hope you are staying warm. Hugs!

  7. Love to read about you, reading books.

  8. Hi Debbie! Thank you for the plug. I so appreciate it. I hope you enjoy my book and I would love to hear your feedback. Rewired also sounds like a good read.
    I still have my poinsettias as well. Even though Christmas is gone, I can't bare to throw them out when they still look so good.

  9. I've been reading a few nice books. I really enjoyed A Thousand Days In Tuscany.

  10. Debbie, No, that isn't my house on my post today. It's my father-in-law's house, which was built by some of the family when he retired to the mountains. I only have one photo of it, but many around the property. Him and my mother-in-law raised their kids, then decided to move to the mountains in their later years. I always wanted to do the same, cause I saw how simple and lovely the living was there. It does have its challenges in the Winter when it snows, but I guess every place does at times. Thanks for asking, and have a peaceful weekend. : )

  11. The year begins and with the list of new books to read, the terá is faster with brushes than with books but it is also necessary to read and enjoy reading.
    Happy Sunday.
    Best regards.


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