Special Sketchbook

I am in the process of completing this special sketchbook.

It is not of the finest quality.  The paper is best suited for dry media.  

If one is careful a light watercolor wash with a bit of colored pencil will work.

So what makes this sketchbook so special?

It belonged to my Mom... found tucked away in one of her drawers with some of her art supplies.

Here is a page she sketched when she and I spent a day at a nearby park.

The two of us would often enjoy an outing where we would sit and sketch together.

As mom's health declined those times became more rare.  Carefree days gave way to doctor visits and getting the necessary things done.

Unfortunately most of this sketchbook is blank.  Only a few pages contain her precious art.   It seems quite appropriate that it be filled...a necessary thing needing done to honor Mom.  

Thank you friends for visiting me and for your continued prayers for the missionaries in Haiti.  (Last I heard they are wanting 17 million for their release.)  Please keep "Looking Up" for them.

  "Honor your...mother"  Matt:19:19 (NIV)



  1. How wonderful to have a sketchbook that contains artwork done by your mother. That is so special!!! The idea of completing it is a lovely tribute to her. Have a special week. I will continue to pray and "look up" for the missionaries.

  2. That notebook invites you to paint, to express a lot, the notes and the painted in it usually have a freshness and a special charm.
    Happy week.
    Best regards

  3. What a wonderful thing to have this sketchbook from your Mom! I know you will feel her close to you whenever you use it!

  4. What a precious keepsake. I know you'll enjoy thinking of her while you fill the pages.

  5. Even though most of your Mom's sketchbook is blank, you have some pages of
    her art, like this one where you both spent the day together at the park. They are
    treasured pages, indeed.

    That is so sad about what has happened with the missionaries. I just said a prayer
    while reading your post, Debbie. You are a dear blog friend with a good heart.


  6. How special that you and your mom had artistic expression in common. I had that in common with my mother as well. When she went blind, she let me have her art supplies and drawing books. I still have some of her drawings and watercolors. I use them as bookmarks, so I see them regularly.
    Praying for the missionaries and the salvation of their kidnappers.

  7. What a very special sketchbook. Things like that mean so much and keep their memories alive. I have several notes my Mother took while sitting in gospel meetings and it touches my heart to read them.

  8. Oh dear friend-your work with your mom's-how perfect. It's almost like she wanted you to finish what she had started. It is a sketchbook to treasure always.

  9. You have a wonderful keepsake. Warm memories for you. My mom used to draw on calendars and envelopes, she never thought of herself as an artist. The few scraps I have, I cherish. Thanks for reminding me.
    Thinking of the missionaries and hoping for the best.

  10. Bonjour chère amie,

    Ce petit billet est très attendrissant avec le carnet de ta maman. Un lien qui vous unissait toi et elle.
    Il est extrêmement précieux... Quelle chance tu as eu de pouvoir partager ces moments d'intimité, même s'ils n'ont malheureusement pas duré !
    Qu'aurais-je donné pour que... je ne peux pas terminer ma phrase, sorry !
    Très bel hommage !
    Je te souhaite un bon week-end, gros bisous.

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  12. Always exiting to hold a new sketch book


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