Autumn's changing colors are a bit late.  The weather has been so warm for this time of the year.

The white phlox are still blooming...

bachelor buttons too...

and morning glories as well.

 Yes there are some spots of color but October's usual array of hues is late.

Perhaps winter will be the same.  That would not make me sad!!

Hope everyone has a lovely week.



"The end of the matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride."  Eccl.6:8 (NIV)


  1. autumn is magical at your part of land dear Debbie :)

    thank you for beautiful glimpse!
    health ,peace and joy to you and yours!

  2. Lovely pictures
    A slow autumn is nice.
    Morning glories are slowing down here

  3. Thanks for the nice photos. Love the white flowers.

  4. Bring on fall! Pretty please? We're still in 90-degree weather...

  5. It's the same here. The lake keeps this area warmer too, so I guess that's part of why it's so green here. We are getting a break from rainy days-it's so nice to see the sun shine again!

  6. Pretty colors-most of ours have not changed much but thinking soon cool and rain this week Happy new week

  7. I think I wait all year for autumn. Lovely photos. Reminds me of when I lived in upstate New York as a child.

  8. The Phlox are beautiful. White Phlox used to grow in my front flower garden, but have disappeared. I had forgotten how pretty they are. We have no fall colors here, yet. All your pictures are so pretty.

  9. I'm glad Autumn has arrived around your neck of the woods, even if it's a bit late
    this year. While driving, I was looking at the rows and rows of mountain trees
    along the side of the road, and they are still changing from green to oranges and
    golds. So, I'm thinking we still have much Fall to see up here. And I'm loving it
    very much. Those white bunnies in your garden are so cute, and the white phlox
    is so dainty and pretty.

    Have a good October week, Debbie.


  10. How beautiful and that contrasts, the field is dressed in colors before staying naked in the winter, and that must be taken advantage of and enjoy everything that nature offers us.
    Best regards.

  11. Beautiful photos. We sort of skip fall here. Still in the 90s. Should be 80s. Sigh.

  12. Thank you for sharing your October photos. We barely have any change in color here yet. It seems like we go from autumn one day back to summer the next. Enjoy the color you have and the bits of autumn that are appearing slowly. Have a great week.

  13. Gorgeous photos of Autumn.. thanks for showing your autumn there. Here in our place, it is now cooler and I can see beautiful colors around. Have a great autumn time.


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