2021 & January Pastimes

Happy 2021 friends.  I hope that all of you have had a good start to the New Year.  Thought I would share a few of my January pastimes.

This book by Dr. David Jeremiah looked like a great book to begin the coming year.  I have already read several pages and find it to be very uplifting and inspiring.

Have been doing a bit of drawing and painting the past few days. 

It is good to once again find some time to pursue some creative endeavors.

Speaking of time I found myself working on this 1000 piece Nancy Drew puzzle.  My brother selected this Christmas present for me. (He always knows what I love!) 

This gift brings back many wonderful memories of growing up.  Carolyn Keene's " Nancy Drew" mystery books were a favorite series of mine.  I am sure at one time or another have read most of these titles.  It is a great way to spend a quiet January day.

Perhaps you will share a few of your January pastimes with me.   Would love to read what each of you are doing as your 2021 unfolds.

Take care and have a blessed week.



"A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones."  Prov. 15:30



  1. 2021 definitely didn't come in quietly. I'm glad you found some things to do that are uplifting and fun. That puzzle is wonderful! Our family had 4 girls and one boy growing up, so there were a lot of Nancy Drew books that passed through our hands. My sister, Mickey, would love that puzzle!! She probably remembers the title of every one of the books that she read in that series. Have a wonderful week filled with joy!

  2. Hi again, Debbie. Love seeing your art. I just shared some of my recent pastimes in a post: making cards & gifts for friends! It's given me a whole new energy, making things to give to specific people! Also, still walking, the weather is so pleasant, the sea is so blue. I am starting to listen to audio books, so I can be making things & "reading" at the same time!! I have a 1000 piece puzzle in my closet. When I finish some of the gifts, I think I will take it out.. PS I didn't read a lot of Nancy Drews, but loved them!!

  3. I have read _How to Catch a Mole: Wisdom from a Life Lived in Nature_ by Marc Hamer. I am now reading _Swampwalker's Journal_ by David Carroll. My creative thoughts have gone to the garden. I have been redesigning an area in my front garden (on paper). I want more native plants in my garden and I need the sun filled space out front. I have participated in a Christmas Bird Count. It seems it takes a few days for me to recover from that now days. ha... I have been tempted to start a puzzle too. I just haven't had time it seems. I am not sure where my time goes. ha..

  4. I'm still reading Max Lucado's books, and have started to read Lark Rise to Candleford, by Flora Thompson. I love puzzles too. Usually we have one ready to put together on a spare table, but this year we have simply forgotten it! So I'm glad you posted about your puzzle. Yours looks like a great one!

  5. So very lovely sketches .... been sketching a bit and reading -- comforting to be cozied up in a chair with a warm drink, a blanket and the time to simply BE .... have a great week!

  6. Lovely drawings Debbie. Sketching is a great way to pass the cold January days. I have started a photography course and doing some reading (my favourite pastime). I should also try to go out for more walks.

  7. Love the way you paint the butterflies, Debbie!!! painterly and yet.... I do lots of puzzles on line.. you can’t lose a piece!!! Lol.
    Enjoy your week, my friend!!!!!

  8. Like the creative endeavor that you have taken up. Drawing and painting is so creative.

  9. Looks like a great start to the year. I, too, find myself reading - usually art books to get me inspired for the coming cold days. I don’t do puzzles but do a lot of crosswords and reading mysteries :). Let’s hope and pray that 2021 will be the year we all open our hearts and our hands more.

  10. This puzzle looks delightful. Puzzles are always fun to do, and it's nice that your brother got you one that suits you. I never read the Nancy Drew books, but I hear they are wonderful. What have I been doing to pass the time in January?........moving again, and I'm so tired. But it's a good tired. I always enjoy seeing your drawings, Debbie.


  11. Happy New Year, Debbie. Love your artwork!

  12. I haven’t read much so far. We listen to Audio books in the car as it is about 40 minutes anywhere from here. We did a license plate 1000 piece puzzle over the Christmas week with my adult kiddos. Played cards. I played in the pastels 3 times so great start, I haven’t been painting. Love your butterflies, gorgeous.

  13. I love that puzzle, and Nancy Drew books were some of my favorites growing up. My January pastimes include reading (always, let's be honest), spending time with Tank and riding more since it's cool, and trying to figure out how to get back into art journaling :)

  14. Hello Debbie;
    Over here I have started the year relaxed, quiet, ordering ideas to be able to make them, selecting themes to paint, watercolors and some drawing for my other blog that are not watercolors, also a little reading, I am with the book A column of fire by Ken Follett, the pandemic makes us program to be at home many activities, unfortunately contagions are growing and we are semi-confined.
    Take care.
    Best regards

  15. Hello Debbie,
    I am happy to see you enjoying the start of the year. I am hopeful! I wish you a great year ahead!!

  16. Your drawings and your painting are so pretty, Debbie! I love the puzzle. I read Nancy Drew books when I was a kid. I also liked the Trixie Belden series. Right now, I'm reading a book on Abraham Lincoln that my sister sent me. It's called Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Oh, good news! We took my mom to Cashman Center today and she got her first Covid vaccination. It was handled beautifully by the Army National Guard - mostly young people who were very polite and efficient.

  17. Looks like a hard puzzle to put together, but I would love it. I keep meaning to buy a puzzle. Your drawings are so pretty.

  18. Happy New Year to you, Debbie, your family!! Lovely to know you're enjoying life and safe. Reading is pleasure, particularly, against the pandemic. It sounds you've got a wonderful book and a great puzzle. Stay safe. ((Hugs)), special thanks, best wishes, Sadami

  19. thank you so much for your visit. this is the perfect time for our creative projects and reading. Love your puzzle I have been doing on online puzzles at jigsaw planet enjoy your new week ahead

  20. Happy New Year 2021
    Hopefully this year is much better than last year. For all of us..
    l like jigzaw puzzle too, it reminds me of my chilhood.
    Have a nice week


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